Dolphin returns iPhone that had fallen into the Atlantic Ocean (VIDEO)

Dolphin returns iPhone that had fallen into the Atlantic Ocean (VIDEO)
Teressa Cee is a dancer for the Miami Heat. Assuming that she was working the basketball court at the American Airlines Arena during the LeBron James years, she probably has seen some amazing things happen right in front of her (like that miracle three pointer from Ray Allen in Game 6 of the 2014 finals). But nothing could match what happened to Cee on a trip she made to Blue Lagoon Island last month.

The Island, located in the Bahamas, allows visitors to frolic with dolphins and sea-lions, so these animals are pretty comfortable with human interaction. And as you might know, Dolphins are said to be among the most intelligent of creatures (except for the Miami Dolphins, which is another story altogether).

Cee was filming on a floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic when she made a huge mistake. She asked someone to hold her iPhone for a moment and of course, this person dropped it into the Ocean. The handset ended up on the bottom of Davy Jones' locker. That is where our hero comes in. As if on cue, a dolphin named Cacique fetched the iPhone and delivered it to one of the people on the platform, as you can see by clicking on the video below.

The moral of the story? Never let anyone else hold your phone. Ever. You won't always have an intelligent mammal right beside you to save it.

source: WorldNews, CNET
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