Do you wish the Galaxy S10 came with the rotating Galaxy A80 camera?

Do you wish the Galaxy S10 came with the rotating Galaxy A80 camera?
So, Samsung has given the midrange segment some love with the new Galaxy A80 — a colorful phone with an edge-to-edge display and no notches or holes for the selfie camera. Where's the front snapper, you ask? There is none!

Instead, the phone is a slider with a swiveling rear camera (a triple sensor module, to be exact). A cool-looking solution, for sure, which will also give you the benefit of taking selfies with the handset's main camera, instead of a smaller selfie sensor.

We wonder — would Galaxy S10 users get jealous over this? It's kind of awkward that a midranger would get the super-fresh sliding mechanism, while S10 models have a hole cut into their display to make room for a selfie camera. What say you?

Do you wish the Galaxy S10 had the A80 swiveling module?

Yes! What gives, Samsung?
Nah... sliders and moving stuff... not for me.

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