Do you use wireless charging on a regular basis? (results)


Do you use wireless charging on a regular basis?

I use it every now and then
I don't use it at all
We asked you last week how often do you actually charge your handset wirelessly, given that this is an increasingly common option that is now available on iPhones and Androids alike, but is slower compared to conventional cable charging, and requires an extra accessory. A lot of phone makers moved to glass bodies to facilitate wireless charging, and we wanted to gauge whether this has been worth all the cracked rears. 

It turns out that more than half of our 2433 respondents don't care at all about it, whether because they don't have it on their phones, or simply because they don't find it more convenient than taking a second to plug a cable in, and charge their phones much faster. A good, 37% number, however, say they use it very often, indicating a healthy amount of interest once you get used to that method, while 12% dabble in wireless charging every now and then. Given the cumulative number of people who eventually find it convenient, and the fact that those who never use it might not have the option on their phones, it seems that the move to glass backs rammed down our throats, may have been justified somewhat, after all.

With Powermat joining the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) juggernaut, and pushing an update to its legacy pads in Starbucks to make them compatible with Qi, there is now one wireless charging standard to rule them all, but do you use the wireless charging option on your phone at all? 

Needless to say, the wireless charging pioneer Powermat threw in the towel, as the last wireless charging holdout Apple went the way of Qi. Thus, Powermat obviously concluded that there is no point of being the odd one out, and it turned out the right move, as Apple sold 77 million iPhones just last quarter, and most of them were equipped with the Qi standard that has been used by Samsung, LG, and other mobile stalwarts for a long while already.
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