Do you use any form of video calling?

Do you use any form of video calling?
It's a weird time and age we live in. We all have mobile telephones in our pockets, yet we rarely use them for actual calls. Instead, our communication has been replaced by texts, chats, and even emoji and image shares only. To call someone, it has to be something urgent, something professional, or the person needs to be a close friend or family. Otherwise it almost seems rude nowadays to just ring up someone at a random time. Weird, no?

This got us thinking about video calls. There are countless chat apps that allow this — from Messenger, to Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Apple's own FaceTime and Google's Duo. With the press of a button, you can instantly initiate a conversation with the added benefit of having two-way visual feedback, the way we are hard-wired to communicate in the first place.

But do we use it? Well... do we?

Do you do video calling?

Actually yes, regularly
Rarely, usually to contact family or for business talks
What? No... why would I want to do that, though?


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