Diep.io (aka Tank.io for iPhone) review, tactics and strategy: this is the new addictive thing after Slither.io


After Agar.io, the smash hit of 2015, came Slither.io that took the world by a storm in 2016.

It's been just a couple of months now and a brand new game has emerged in the 'dot io' boom that we absolutely love: Deep.io (aka Tank.io for iPhone and iPad) is the next big thing that could eclipse both Slither.io and Agar.io.

Why do we think so?

First, it's the same great idea: play from either your browser or via an iOS app. If you play via your browser, you don't need to install anything, you just enter your name and start playing, as simple as that. Deep.io also features the same multiplayer open-world arena as Slither.io

The rules of Diep.io are simple: you move around using your keyboard and shoot by clicking the left mouse button (if you are playing on desktop). Simple right?

Well, not so fast: you have countless ways to develop your tank and at first you will be shooting at the randomly floating particles in the world: the yellow squares give you the least points, then you have the red triangles for a few more points and the blue pentagons will donate the largest amount of points.

So what are the possible development strategies? It seems that there are two ways to start developing your tank: as a gunner, or as a ram.

Here are the eight skills that you can improve:

  • Health regen
  • Max health
  • Body damage
  • Bullet speed
  • Bullet penetration
  • Bullet damage
  • Reload
  • Movement speed
All of these are self explanatory, maybe except for body damage which is the category that you improve and can just bump into other things inflicting damage upon them.

How to become the biggest tank at Diep.io: tactics and strategy

So how do you win at Diep.io? Well, it's not as fast as you do in Slither.io, but it's just as much fun.

There is one general rule in Diep.io that is the exact opposite of Slither.io: MOVE AWAY from the bigs. At least in the beginning, when you are weak, but even when you become big, fighting with other bigs is the only sure way to die.

We outlay two strategies focusing on two different approaches

#1: Ram into things

In order to destroy things with your body, you can focus on putting points into the 'Body damage' skill. The strategy here is to shoot particles with the gun until you reach about level 5. At that point, you can add points to the Body damage, Max health and Health regen categories. With enough health and body damage, you can start ramming into things more aggressively. This will reduce your health, so we recommend to continue upping your Health Regen and Max health a couple of notches, but then quickly focus on improving your Movement speed.

These are the four key categories that you can use to make your tank a fast and deadly machine bumping into things. We recommend you continue shooting from your gun and even add a point or two to the bullet speed and bullet damage categories to fool opponents into thinking you are a gunner type of a tank. This way they will more easily allow you to get closer when you can surprise them by ramming full force into them.

This is a good strategy to win against small and medium tanks, but when fighting against the bigs, you will see that it is extremely hard to get close to them to exert body damage. That's why this strategy is best used against small and medium opponents.

#2. Fast gunner

After Body damage, our second most favorite skill to upgrade is Bullet speed. Firing a ton of super fast bullets is sure to confuse your opponents and it will do great at the beginning when you need to quickly reach high levels. Combine this with bullet penetration and an upgrade to the Machine Gun class of a tank, and we've seen a lot of success with that combination.

Overall, Diep.io is a very addictive game that has slower development process than Slither.io, but is also a lot of fun. Having various ways to upgrade your tank and different skills to develop makes you add some thought into the development of the game. At the end of the day, the gameplay in Diep.io is just so intense. The constant mouse clicking / tapping is a constant soundtrack to the quick and dynamic gameplay. If you are tired of eating other snakes, Diep.io is definitely that new thing that will provide variety in a similar game genre. We'll be waiting for you on the arena!

Download Tank.io for iPhone and iPad (App Store link)
*keep in mind that there is no official Diep.io version for mobile. Tank.io is a well-done clone, but it is not the original game. We could not find any good versions of the game for Android.


  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Very addictive with upgrades and a more complex system than Slither.io and Agar.io
  • Many possibilities to customize your tank


  • No Android version yet, no official iPhone version (but a good clone available)
  • Could be laggy at times
  • You'd better play it on a large screen / desktop
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