Did you like what you saw in the Galaxy S8 design leaks? (poll results)


Since plenty of new Galaxy S8 visuals emerged last week, and some of them were alleged spy shots from reputable source, we asked you whether you liked what you saw in terms of design overhaul. Most of our nearly three thousand respondents did, but a sizeable 42% chunk weren't big fans, and a lot of the comments cite the placement of the finger scanner as the culprit, plus the fact that there may not be a flat screen version of the S8.

After numerous case maker renders and leaked Galaxy S8 schematics, last week was pivotal for a better preview of what the phone might actually end up looking like. First, an artist's concept image set based on those case renders appeared, and afterwards an alleged spy shot of the real deal, which pretty much jibed with said concept images. While we liked the seemingly great screen-to-body ratio, we are a bit miffed about the eventual placement of what looks like a finger scanner right by the camera. 

If you think about it, your index finger indeed stretches there naturally while holding the phone with one hand, but it might take some time and adjustnent to avoid touching the camera lens during the motion. Moreover, if you have the phone lying on a desk you'd have to pick it up to unlock with the finger scanner, though that's a smaller price to pay than having to stretch all the way below the display on a big-screen phone while holding it with one hand, and risking to drop it in the process.

Did you like what you saw in the Galaxy S8 design leak and concept images?


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