Destinator 9 delivers a rich navigation experiece to a trio of smartphone platforms

Destinator 9 delivers a rich navigation experiece to a trio of smartphone platforms
Sometimes the novice smartphone user can easily get confused with the in-depth features found on some popular GPS turn-by-turn navigation apps out there. That's where Destinator 9 comes in to save the day by offering a rich experience to mobile users running either the iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile platforms. Some of its features include Google Local Search, real-time traffic updates, sticky POIs, NavStrip, and on board NAVTEQ maps. Simplicity is the name of the game for Destinator 9 as it allows for easier ways to find what is required to get to your destination with the least amount of effort involved in executing it. Not ending right there, it'll even integrate some of the popular social mapping aspects like being able to send a friend your exact location or favorite POI. Right now, Destinator 9 is being made available with a free 30-day trial service of the app so you can gauge its level of performance over current ones that are out there.

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1. numberonenygfan

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lol...give me a break.. if you cant use google maps you shouldnt have a smartphone.. this is such a waste of money... maybe on the i phone or att it could be useful, but as far as droid users the google nav is amazing. i like how pa mentions that there is a 30 free trial and leave out the price of the app after the free trial... junk junk junk

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