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Despite Windows RT woes, NVIDIA pledges support

Despite Windows RT woes, NVIDIA pledges support
The last week or two have not been all that great for Microsoft's Surface RT, and really Windows RT tablets in general, but NVIDIA is sticking with the platform, despite manufacturers and users not really being too interested. We've already seen Microsoft drop the price on Surface RT tablets, and Microsoft's quarterly earnings showed that the Surface RT lost $900 million. But, NVIDIA has pledged to continue with support.

NVIDIA's Rene Haas, vice president of computing products, said about Windows RT:

Haas also added that NVIDIA's commitment to the platform "remains at a high level and hasn't changed." 

But, there is still an unanswered question: why would anyone want a Windows RT tablet given the increasingly impressive and diverse options available with Windows 8 tablets and laptop hybrids? Windows RT feels like a product that was launched before the platform was ready, and having an RT tablet next to a full Windows 8 tablet only serves to highlight the limitations of the platform, rather than making it look like a good value. 

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