Desktop-grade eye candy on your mobile thanks to Series 6 PowerVR GPUs

Desktop-grade eye candy on your mobile thanks to Series 6 PowerVR GPUs
Next level of graphics and video are getting closer to our pockets. Imagination Technologies' Series 6 PowerVR GPUs have been announced to deliver anything from twenty to a hundred times as much kick as their predecessor – the “humble” Series 5 GPUs.

The first SoC to include the Series 6 PowerVR GPUs is going to be the Nova 9600, announced by ST-Ericsson. It is said to be capable of delivering HD video at the amazing 120 frames per second, as well as powerful enough to capture and reproduce high-quality 3D video renderings.

Powering devices such as the Apple iPhone 4, the Nokia N900, and Sony's upcoming next generation portable entertainment system, the Series 5 GPUs are considered one of the best you can get in a mobile device nowadays. Such leap of performance, claimed by the expected beast of a GPU, would rival even today's premium, desktop-grade graphic cards, while being easy on the battery at the same time.

source: Imagination Technologies via Engadget


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