Demand for tablets expected to increase significantly during the second quarter of 2020

Demand for tablets expected to increase significantly during the second quarter of 2020
Okay, it seems that the public's interest for tablets is starting to grow, even though, in recent years, their popularity was going down in favor of smartphones, capable of doing all the necessary everyday stuff. However, a research published by Digitimes Research now shows that the demand for tablets may start increasing in the second half of this year.

Digitimes Research foresees an increase by 45.5% of global shipments of tablets in the second quarter of 2020. This marks a 9.9% of increase in comparison to last year’s second quarter. In the first quarter of 2020, shipments of tablets declined, but so did those of smartphones and other tech gadgets due to the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic and the effect it had on production lines in China. Therefore, popular brands’ tablets had a decline of 29.1% for the first quarter of the year, compared to last year.

Additionally, Apple iPad holds the largest market share on tablets, followed by Samsung and Huawei in third position. Orders from educational institutions raised Lenovo’s tablets to fourth place, and the fifth place was granted to Microsoft.

Primarily, tablets shipped in the first quarter were 10-inch tablets and they reportedly took over 75% of global tablet shipments, followed by 7-inch tablets.

Reportedly, Apple will significantly increase its tablet orders for the second quarter of the year, while Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturers, key suppliers of parts for iPads, are expected to see shipments grow by 60% in this second quarter.


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