Dell prepping a cannonball in the tablet pool

Dell prepping a cannonball in the tablet pool
You didn't think Michael Dell will stay away from the next computing craze, did you? After the intriguing 5" Dell Streak, which had some identity problems if it is a tablet, or a big smartphone, Dell confirms it has much more in the works.

Dell's China CEO Amit Midha has outed some info on the upcoming 7" Android tablet, which, he hinted, is mere weeks from being announced. A 10-incher is coming next in a 6-12 months timeframe, and some more sizes will appear in Dell's tablet ecosystem in the meantime. A 3" device will be announced closely after the 7" tablet, and a 4" is also expected.

Except Android, Dell is also toying around with Chrome OS, but one of the upcoming "inchers" will be a Windows device. We'd wager to say he is talking about that elusive Windows Phone 7 device long rumored from them. Bring it on, Dell, the more, the merrier.

source: WSJ

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