Dell offering the Venue Pro for only $299 on their site

Dell offering the Venue Pro for only $299 on their site
Dell has a pretty good deal going on right now online as they have an unlocked version of their Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the Dell Venue Pro, for only $299 without a contract.

Just recently Dell was offering the Venue Pro at the $299 price point on their eBay page. It was only yesterday that the same device was priced at $499 on their online store. That changed today however, as now you can pick one up on their online store with 3G compatibility for either T-Mobile or AT&T.

You can also pick one up with a contract if you’d like. Dell is offering an 8GB version (the unlocked one is the 16GB model) of the Dell Venue Pro for only $.99 with a two-year contract. They had a deal going for AT&T but as of now they are out of stock.  

What does everybody think? Is $299 a good price for the Dell Venue Pro with no commitment? If so, any T-Mobile or AT&T customers willing to give picking up one of these some thought? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Dell via WPCentral

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