Dell Streak goes live in the US while leaked Android 2.1 update makes its way abroad

Dell Streak goes live in the US while leaked Android 2.1 update makes its way abroad
Capping an end to a busy week in handset releases, we cannot forget about the launch of the Dell Streak today which supplants both the HTC EVO 4G and HD2 as the handset with the largest display in the US market. The 5-inch monster can be picked up through AT&T for $300 with your signature on a 2-year agreement, however, some might stop in their tracks once they find that it's still stuck on Android 1.6. Nonetheless, we'd imagine that its customized experience and humongous display would be more than suitable in attracting curious customers. On another note, even though AT&T's version is still running Android 1.6, owners across the big pond can treat themselves to Android 2.1 thanks to a leaked update. If you're sporting the Dell Streak and want to at least get into the mix with a newer build of the platform, then click on the source link which will provide directions to download and install the update.

source: MoDaCo Forums via Android Central


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1. networkdood

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DUDE ENJOY YOUR DELL PHONElet....I am sure you will have to still download the AT&T file for the modem when using the EURO ROM, just as you do for the CAPTIVATE - but it should make the STREAK even better. These ANDROID phones are so fun to use and to will learn alot about LENIX and about how to change the contents of the file (important to back it up and to maybe add a few APKs to save time).

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