Cyber Monday deals on gadgets from Japan might be a nice change of pace

Cyber Monday deals on gadgets from Japan might be a nice change of pace
When it comes to gadgets and accessories, there is Japan, and then there is the rest of the world. When a nation has pushed technology like Japan has over the past generation, the result is seeing commonplace use of products that are still considered an outlier in other markets.

One example is TVs in cars, such connectivity with satellite service is gaining ground in American SUVs, family wagons, and minivans, but they have been an option in the land of the rising sun for well over a decade.

When it comes to mobile technology, flip-phones are still very popular, but their form factor is nothing like what is available in other developed markets. For a while, these devices were (and in some cases still are) smarter than some smartphones.  Japan remains a breed apart in its approach to some solutions. Granted, we have seen icons like Sony struggle in the traditional smartphone and computer space. However, we have also seen other icons of Japanese industry, like Panasonic, leverage its brands into some distinct, non-sleek, albeit stylish and evidently capable gear.

Now that we are in the holiday season, if you are shopping for that gadgeteer and really want to get him or her something other than a pair of socks, you can find some really neat stuff direct from Japan. On Cyber Monday, use the promo coupon “cybermonday2014” and you can get 10% off of everything in the Japan Trends Shop.

We picked five random ideas out of the robust portfolio and linked them so you can browse around. There is something for every budget, but gadgets, like most everything in Japan, can get pretty pricey.

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