Cyanogen lays off workers, plans to leave Seattle at the end of the year?

Cyanogen lays off workers, plans to leave Seattle at the end of the year?
On April 16, 1971, when aircraft manufacturer Boeing had seen its Seattle based payroll decline from a peak of 100,000 to 39,000, a famous billboard was posted in the city. "Will the last person leaving Seattle please turn out the lights?" read the sign. Seattle has had quite a renaissance since then with the region becoming home to a few major corporations including Starbucks.

Another company that is based in Seattle, at least until the end of the year, is Cyanogen Inc.. According to those in the know, the company is planning on shuttering its Seattle based headquarters by the end of this year, which only has about four weeks left. Anonymous sources say that this was been announced internally today along with some layoffs. A number of those laid off have been given the opportunity to move to Cyanogen's smaller office in Palo Alto. In that office, two Cyanogen employees who worked on Android development were given their walking papers.

The sources also say that no final disposition has been decided on for company co-founder Steve Kondik, who was removed from the board last month. His current title, "Chief Science Officer," does not give him any say over the direction of the company. Speaking of Android, Cyanogen is in the process of disseminating CyanogenMod 14.1, which is based on Android 7.1.

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source: AndroidPolice



7. tokuzumi

Posts: 2031; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

It's too bad that CM inc isn't doing well financially, causing people to lose their job, especially around the holidays. But let's be honest here. CM shot itself in the foot when it tried to compete directly against Google, with Google's own software. Trying to recreate the Google Apps (gmail, maps, hangouts, etc) through other methods is a non-starter. I don't mind trying things like the Amazon App Store, but I'm not giving up the Google apps I use daily. Also seems like they made some really bad decisions, like leaving OnePlus abruptly. They really didn't do anything after that. The real value in CM is in the user community. CM has great support for a ton of devices, even niche devices in some cases. I had CM13 on my OnePlus X, which I think only sold about 50 units worldwide (sarcasm). The rom was extremely stable, with the only issue I found was the screen would turn off after using the GPS for long intervals. I think it was a heat issue. I rarely used GPS, so this wasn't a deal breaker. To Tyrion's comment, I've found the dev's have typically been great, and offer as much assistance as possible. It's the other users on XDA that say useless comments like "do a search", or "someone cant' read", which then starts a flame war, and offers no value to either the devs or the users.

5. TheOracle1

Posts: 2340; Member since: May 04, 2015

Can someone please tell me how this company makes money? And what happened to their plan to crush Google? Lool

3. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

CM devs are the worst, at least the ones on XDA. Major asshats who consider themselves as gods just because they have the free time in their life to do some android programming. Even asking them regarding what bugs are there they curse you and ask you to read the 130 page long thread and search there. Used the CM14.1 official nightly for 15 days and I'm done with it. It's not getting fixed anytime soon and I have a better luck waiting for official update to nougat.

2. aman5mathur

Posts: 242; Member since: Mar 28, 2014

I do feel sorry for them. It doesnt matter if their ego ruined their partnership. They have made a number of smartphones brought back to life (for free!) and im really thankful for that. Its a shame we have to see such a great corporation going down I wish there was anything that we could do.

1. MrElectrifyer

Posts: 3960; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

Feel sorry for those who lost their job. No sympathy for the douche-bags who run the company. They had a win win partnership with OnePlus and their egotistical stupidity ruined it all...

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