Cut the Rope 2 is now available on iOS, coming to Android in "early 2014"

Cut the Rope 2 is now available on iOS, coming to Android in "early 2014"
Cut the Rope and all of its iterations have been some of the best games available on mobile devices. Today, the first true sequel, Cut the Rope 2, has been released for iOS devices, bringing 5 new worlds, 120 new levels, and quite a few other changes to the old physics-based puzzle formula. And, developer ZeptoLab has also given a release window for Android.

As we covered before, one big addition to Cut the Rope 2 is in new companions that are with you in the different worlds. Each companion adds a different gameplay element, like acting as a spring, or creating bridges. But, as you can see in the trailer video below, the real change for this game is that OmNom is no longer stationary in the level. In the other Cut the Rope games, everything revolved around getting the candy to OmNom, but now there are various ways to move OmNom and get him to the candy. 

In a more superficial addition, OmNom can now be "customized". It seems that really just means putting on various hats right now, but there could be more updates in the future.

Cut the Rope 2 costs just 99 cents for iOS users, and ZeptoLab has said that the game will be released as free-to-play for Android in early 2014. 

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Download: Cut the Rope 2
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