Cricket launches Android powered Sanyo Zio by Kyocera

Cricket launches Android powered Sanyo Zio by Kyocera
Earlier this month, we reported that Cricket had announced it would soon launch the Android flavored Sanyo ZIO by Kyocera. We are happy to tell you that this has occurred and that the carrier is now offering the phone for the expected $249.99. Cricket, of course, doesn't offer contracts which means that there are no subsidized prices for handsets. What you can do to save a few bucks is to order the device online, and by Jiminy, Cricket will take 20% off the price of the ZIO. Buyers will have to sign up for the carrier's Android plan that runs $55 per month for data.

The phone features a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen with resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, a 3.2MP camera with video capture, a microSD slot and it is expected to be running Android 1.6 at launch. The model is the Japanese manufacturer's first stab at producing a phone using Google's open source OS. Cricket's web site says that shipping of the device will start August 26th.

Kyocera Zio M6000 Specifications | Hands-on

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1. nikim33

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 25, 2010

i have my Zio, and by golly, i love it. it's my first Android, so im still gettin' stuck a little on how to do things, but all-in-all, it's all that i've been waiting for...thanks Cricket.

20. pdxcricketcustomer unregistered

So far Cricket has been awesome. I travelled to Phoenix and back from Portland, OR and had exceptional coverage. I had as much as my friend with AT&T but we did trade coverage areas sometimes. I would add the 100 roaming minutes for 5 dollars a month/or one time if I travel again- I have no complaints but it is nice to be able to use all networks. I have a simple phone now from them but it works great and have had no problems. I had Verizon for 10 years and no matter what my base plan was (59.99 usually) I ended up paying over a hundred dollars with taxes. With Cricket I have awesome coverage througout the Pacific NW and unlimited text, picture, internet, voice (no evenings/weekends/ no contracts... are you kidding? this is great: 10 years of my payments with Verizon was 12000 dollars (avg 100/month), with Cricket it would be 120(months)x43.06(my total bill/month)=5232$) Almost 7,000 dollars in ten years. I understand that Cricket doesn't have the coverage like here everywhere- but it will! thanks, Cricket!!!!

2. lkdfjhf unregistered

good 2 know u like yours..but the rest of us where cricket doesnt exist...its specs r outdated

3. Dust12345 unregistered

Sprint will be getting this phone as well, I saw one with a sanyo and sprint logo on it at a sanyo event......

4. phonedemocracy

Posts: 98; Member since: Sep 30, 2009


5. prmaldonado unregistered

i bought my zio nothing but problems are you all having any problems with the internet or apps? what about receiving pics messages? ugh i really hope i didnt get a crappy phone by the looks of it im dissapoiinted!

6. Ms. Deb unregistered

I love my Zio! Awesome apps and design. My bf has an Evo with sprint and the Zio has a lot of the same features and a cheaper bill. Thanks cricket!

7. none unregistered

Cricket Customer NO Service is the WORST, but service of phone is ok and price of service is very good. Phones are low end but expensive becouse of the no contract deal (good & bad). FACT – If Cricket would would spend their money on better CS they would not have spend any $ on marketing

8. yes unregistered

I orderd the ZIO and I am getting 6 different answers on when I will get it from sales people and CS. Very rude CS and sales dept.

9. Luisa unregistered

I now is not the same product,i ordered blackberry because i always wanted one and the bill sound good, well got it monday 8/23 went to the store to activate my phone surprise they told me on the store that they could not help me further other than activate the phone. another surprise call CS nothing "they troobleshot my phone and nothing" their answer ws that i have to wot 42 hrs for thr technicial to call me nothing work no email, no internet no text messaging even when i synch the phone nothing. i call cs and finally 8/26 i send it back.

10. palmore unregistered

i cant wait to get the phone...but the two stores that have it are selling them for 400$ ... Did everyone else pay that much.?.

11. brentthebeeman unregistered

i just got my zio in after a seven day wait and im havin all kinds of trouble i called cricket three times and still same crap no pic text no market place cause google wont sync but my internet is workin what the hell

12. brentthebeeman unregistered

okay after 4 calls and a lil internet research i check my account on and seen they had my phone as a kyocera s1300 and not on the android plan even though i told them three times so double check ur accounts

13. Roustabout unregistered

I got my zio the day it came out. out box I had one issue. the keyboard lock up or the key i pressed was not what It typed. After a week calling everyday starting when Out box telling them I need to pull batt. 1 to 7 times aday. they sent me to a main store for replacement. It was a big fight as the saleman did not care and told be to just wait. after 45 min yelling and $10.00 charge I had new phone. its been a week and this phone is GREAT! No issues at all. Fast internet. plays videos better than my T-mobile ever did. and it was faster than my sister Iphone on at&t las weekend. (do not know if I was in better cover area or what) I stiil upset on the $10.00 charge for a phone that was out box bad. I have a few e-mails to cricket on that. anyway LOVE this ZIO.

14. emily unregistered

i just bought the zio yesterday and am having a HUGE issue with setting up my google account with it. it keeps giving me a message saying that there is no data connection. i have gone to store and was told that they couldnt help me! i spent $250 on this thing and i cant even use my CALENDAR!!! did anyone else have this problem???

15. AZChyck unregistered

I got the Zio about a week ago in Phoenix. I cant get on the internet without a Wi-Fi signal.....I can only access cricket mobile web. No OPERA MINI. Totally sucks because there is never an available wi-fi connection. It took a while to set up because I kept getting the no connection message but once i found a wi-fi signal it was good to go. Love the Android Market and all the features so far...But Cricket definately has POOR customer service. I was gonna go with the Blackberry but this phone is just right for me. Glad I got it instead!

16. Webly unregistered

This phone is a toy, not the professional phone I need. Cricket had some problems connecting the phone to the plan the first week, but it's been fine since. The phone on the other hand...First, the keyboard is the hardest touch screen keyboard I've ever used. The sensitivity is set to the left of the number. Second, the phone freezes at least once a day so I have to remove the battery, which is a big fight with the cover. Third, the battery cannot make it through a full day without being charged. This last compliant seems to be similar with other small "smart phones" but even with the GPS, wifi, and data connection settings off, I still worry about running out of power. Fourth, the face of the phone is plastic and it scratches easily, nothing a cover won't fit though. I am regretting not buying the Blackberry.

17. Bobby2626 unregistered

After my HTC Sprint Touch Diamond gave out, I took the leap to try one of these Zios because I really want an Android phone. Since I've never had an Android 2.2 phone yet, I don't necessarily know what I'm missing, but I generally like the phone. I do have these criticisms. Typing on the Zio's touch screen keyboard seems a lot harder than other touch screen keyboards I've used. The sound quality on the media player is poor. I have only had the phone a few days, so I am trying it out and wondering whether I should head back to Sprint, or maybe it is time to try T-Mobile. I did not have any customer service issues purchasing the phone or porting my number. I read that customer service is terrible with Cricket, I have yet to experience that problem. The thing about Cricket is you don't know how good your service is going to be. I live in Philadelphia, a pretty big city with a lot of Cricket stores, so I figured I would be able to get service in my house and around town, and I do, but I generally have less bars than with Sprint. If I end up having reliable service at $55 a month, I might end up happy, but I think I could get a higher quality phone from a different carrier or used on e-bay. I do think that Android is a step up from Windows Mobile.

18. Zio Owner unregistered

Bought my Zio the day they came out and still no issues at all. Already had a Google account online so I just put in that info and everything runs perfectly. People that are having problems should just open a Google account online and enter info into the phone. Everything I have downloaded from Market has run without a hitch. Defiantly a satisfied customer.

19. Zio Owner 2 unregistered

Just got my Zio and LOVE IT! Overall great phone, especially if you're used to the "non" smartphones Cricket sold in the past. Apps load quickly and installing them on the phone is a snap. Facebook is AWESOME! Easily installed facebook; google account; yahoo mail account; and a bunch of other apps. Couple things though - battery life does SUCK if you're running multiple apps at once (for me I run the yahoo mail, gilt and facebook constantly) - invest in the car charger. If you've never had a touchscreen, it does take some getting used to. I found it was easier for me to type if I tilted the phone to the side (screen flips 90 degrees)...the letters seem to be a little bigger this way so its easier to type out a message. But navigation through all the menus and screens is SO easy to figure out. Took about an hour playing with the phone to figure out all the features. Overall, I'd recommend the Zio. Great phone - chose it over the new Blackberry Cricket is carrying because I like the bigger screen Zio offers. The bigger screen is great for apps like facebook.

21. xavier unregistered

i like cricket but you have to sell the new blackberry torch 9800 we need more smart phonos

22. Dirtylancer unregistered

My phone froze when I was loading YouTube! How do I remove the battery?!

23. Abigail unregistered

the Zio or the Samsung Seek? i can't decidee!!!!

24. unhappy zio user unregistered

My android market does not work. Only with I hate this ph. I'm sellin it on craigslist. Why have an android ph and no access to the features? I can't even play vids on youtube. If you're in AZ let me know if you're having the same problem. Or anywhere else. Thx n God bless!

25. JimiJam unregistered

I really had to comment. This is my first touchscreen phone and I realize there is a training curve. This is one hell of a curve! I have had it for 3 weeks now and I want to throw it, FAR, so bad! I am not really a fan of texting but have realized theres no way out. This phones touchpad sucks. Im a big guy with big hands and just below the DEL button (which I am very familar with) is some dam :.] image it takes 3 DEL's to get rid of it! You cant move the cursor forward and back you have to press the message and the cursor will go somewhere? I downloaded the "Better Keyboard" app and its the same shit with colors! My handsfree in my car works with the bluetooth 50% of the time no TX audio, RX is fine. Batterys dead by 5:00 pm, and it just freezes up 2 to 3 times a week. I hope this phone is sturdy cause its going to get ABUSED!

26. tachbgosh unregistered

i effin love this fone!!!

27. dave s unregistered

have had the android by cricket for about 6 months i love the phone only problems i have had is poor battery life and about once a month it will have problems with the sd card and then delete everything on it! kinda pisses me off but i guess its what you get for 55 dollars a month

28. DarkRyder unregistered

how the f0ck can i delete voicemail on my zio phone

29. lady j unregistered


30. hersheyk unregistered

how do you synch your yahoo email account to the zio phone

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