"Couch commerce" on a rise this year thanks to shopping sprees with iPads and iPhones

What researcher call "couch commerce" - buying stuff with your mobile device - is on a significant rise this year, thanks to the proliferation of iPads and iPhones which are used as an online shopping tool.

The latest Compuware APM report has an interesting chart that shows how iPhone and iPad usage spiked around the Black Friday - Cyber Monday record shopping craze. This is in line with a research by IBM that was outed in the beginning of last month predicting a surge in mobile commerce this holiday season.

Online shopping has been north of $18 billion so far, and over the Thanksgiving weekend Apple's venerable smartphones and tablets logged in more than 10% of that amount, so rest assured that retailers will pay special attention to mobile devices from now on.

via TUAW


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1. ZayZay

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So people are becoming even more lazy because of ipads and iphones... Great, there will be a new waive of fat people right when it seemed the issue was going away and people were actually starting to get healthy again and do something called "jogging" or it might be "yogging" it might be a soft j. Maybe they should come out with an arm band to put your ipad in while you run! I could imagine it now. Here it ishttp://www.flickr.com/photos/yaunus/4309335259/

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