Costco to stop offering Apple iPhone and iPod?

Costco to stop offering Apple iPhone and iPod?
Costco has some muscle behind it. The largest membership club in the nation is also one of the  top three retailers in the U.S. and worldwide, ranks number seven. That is impressive and also means that the store has plenty of clout when it comes to buying products from vendors. Well, at least any vendor besides Apple.

While other discount stores have received inventory of the Apple iPad to sell to customers during this upcoming holiday season, Costco has been shut out. And while the retailer feels that the guys at Cupertino are acting like Scrooge, it doesn't mean that Costco is not above seeking revenge.

The snubbed retailer is said to have removed the Apple iPod from its online website and is only offering third party accessories for the device. In the store, the chain will sell through its current inventory but has no plans to replenish its stock. And while the Apple iPhone is not as widely available in the U.S. locations, it can be found in Costco's Canadian stores and there is some speculation that the handset has been pulled along with all other Apple branded products in the U.S and Canada. The story making the rounds is that following an emergency company conference, any inventory with an Apple logo was removed from kiosks and warehouses.

Costco has apparently pulled this stunt before, treating Coca-Cola the same way after a dispute with the soft-drink manufacturer last year. Somehow, we don't think that Apple will bat an eye over the potential loss of Costco shoppers-not when there are over 80 million Verizon customers holding their breath for the latest "Apple iPhone coming to Big Red" rumor.

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source: iLounge

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