Concept video renders an iPhone 8 with a rear low-power display, and just one camera

Concept video renders an iPhone 8 with a low-power display option, and just one camera
The graphical design prowess of artist Jermaine Smit is at it again, this time imagining what the iPhone could look like with the obligatory complete redesign that should be coming next year. Dubbed tentatively iPhone 8, the unit offers a 2K display, in line with the current Android flagship times, but there is a more unique twist in the screen department than a mere pixel density count upgrade.

The iPhone 8 in the concept render below is visualized with not one, but two displays, where one is the high-res main panel, and the other is a low-power screen, similar to what the Russian Yota phone is doing. The rear screen is pretty basic, and saves on battery when you don't need the full brilliance of the main one, like you can do now with the popSlate case

Moreover, in this made-up narrative, the extra panel has allowed Apple to use only one top-shelf camera, seeing that now we have a screen on the back to preview our selfies, too. What do you think about this one - too outrageous, or "Apple, take note"?

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