Code reveals features you'll find on the Samsung Galaxy S10 cameras

Code reveals features you'll find on the Samsung Galaxy S10 cameras
According to code discovered by XDA, the Samsung Galaxy S10 (and presumably the Galaxy S10+) will be getting a bump in Super Slow-Motion capabilities. Currently, Super Slow-mo allows Galaxy S9 users in automatic mode to record .2 seconds of 960fps video at 720p, or .4 seconds of 480fps video at 720p in manual mode. The Galaxy Note 9 allows users to record .4 seconds of 960fps Super Slow-mo in 720p.

It appears that on the Galaxy S10, users will be able to record .8 seconds of Super Slow-mo in standard quality, and .4 seconds in high quality. While the latter would be recorded in 960 fps, XDA believes that Samsung would record the former at 480fps and correct it to 960fps using software. Speaking of videos and quality, code discovered by XDA points to HDR10+ video recording on the new phones, along with playback.

An interesting new camera feature called Best Shot will apparently be included with the cameras on the new models. According to the string of code that was discovered, this feature gives a user some prompts to help them line up a "great shot" and automatically snaps the shutter when everything is lined up. Those who love the blurred background or bokeh effect on portraits will be happy to hear about additional options coming on the new flagship models. More code found by XDA suggests that there will be features such as Blur (normal bokeh effect), Color point (turns the blurred background black and white), Mono (turns entire photo black and white), Side light (adds a light to the side of the subject's face), Spin (spins light around the background), Vintage and Zoom (unknown).

One feature will use AI in order to "scan" a document using the Galaxy S10 camera, while another will recommend when using the ultra-wide angle lens would be appropriate. Speaking of Ultra Wide-Angle, the new flagship models will switch from video recording at 60fps to Ultra Wide-Angle recording at 30fps. And Super steady video will add additional stabilization while recording.

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ will have a triple camera setup on back

Samsung also plans on adding 10 more scenes for Scene Optimizer. This is the feature on the Galaxy Note 9 that recognizes the scene about to be photographed, and optimizes the colors on the shot. And Flaw Detection, which on the 2018 flagships warn a user when a subject blinked or a photo came out blurry, is also getting a new feature. According to the code, the new models will recommend a specific mode to use to take a better shot. Those options will include Food mode, wide-angle selfies, screen flash for selfies, panorama, and Live focus.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will be unveiled on February 20th during the Samsung Unpacked 2019 event. Pre-orders for the phones are expected to take place immediately following the unveiling. These orders should ship starting on March 8th. Earlier today, a huge leak revealed the specs of the Galaxy S10 lineup. Since we've been focused on code related to the cameras on the new models, we should point out that the Galaxy S10e will carry a dual camera setup on back (12MP primary + 16MP wide angle). The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will both come with a triple camera setup (12MP primary + 16MP wide angle + 12MP telephoto). All three models will carry a 10MP selfie snapper in front and the Galaxy S10+ will add an additional 8MP front-facing sensor that will be able to snap photos with a blurred bokeh background.


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