China says they won't limit Android in the country

China says they won't limit Android in the country
Google’s long standing conflict with China is boiling over to their mobile platform division after reports of the internet search giant possibly pulling the plugs on its Chinese version of the web site.  The latest turn of events now points out that China will not try to limit the use of Google’s Android mobile platform in the Chinese market. Now that's unless it doesn’t comply with Chinese law, according to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman Zhu Hongren. Google is making the efforts in attempting to resolve the issue after reports that their website was attacked by a cyber-attack originating from China – the attacks also targeted other firms.  Beijing has yet to make any moves regarding the matter and remains silent when it comes to meeting with the technology giant. We’ve already heard Motorola offering Chinese customers the option to use Baidu as the default search provider on their Android handsets.

source: Reuters


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