Chicago court says Motorola and Google must give Apple info on its merger and on Android

Chicago court says Motorola and Google must give Apple info on its merger and on Android
If Google and Motorola executives and attorneys could have skipped Monday, they probably would have taken a pass on the beginning of this week. On Monday, a Chicago district court judge granted Apple's request and ordered Google and Motorola to hand over information on the Google-Motorola merger to Apple. Also included in the judge's order is information related to Android development, which now goes into the hands of the platform's main rival.

Motorola had objected to Apple's demand for the papers, saying that it had no control over Google and that company's documents. Motorola also unsuccessfully argued that Google was not a party to the lawsuit. And while the Cupertino based manufacturer hasn't publicly released a list of the information it seeks, there is a chance that some of it would be reports and files that Motorola and Google would want to keep away from the prying eyes of the competition. Both Apple and Motorola sued each other in 2010, both sides claiming that its patents were infringed upon by the other.

For Google, the ruling by the judge is very disappointing because it now means that the company, soon to be the owner of Motorola Mobility, would be a relevant party on all open cases involving Motorola.

source: electronista


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