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  • Check out how the beautiful Unreal Engine 4 tech-demo runs on a Nexus 5

Check out how the beautiful Unreal Engine 4 tech-demo runs on a Nexus 5

Posted: , by Luis D.

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Do you remember the Epic Citadel demo? Based on the Unreal Engine 3, it floored the tech community back in 2010, when it was used to showcase the first-generation iPad's graphical prowess. At this year's Game Developer Conference, Epic Games demonstrated the new Unreal Engine 4 running on a Nexus 5 smartphone (a stock unit without modifications, we assume). We know that Qualcomm's chip is quite capable, but we found it quite surprising that last year's Snapdragon 800 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU are able to deliver such rich visuals. In the end, it seems that today's mobile game developers aren't pushing Qualcomm's silicon nearly hard enough to showcase its true potential.

It's not fair to accuse game makers, however. It's not that they are lazy, or that the technology isn't there - it's just that building games at such scale and detail requires a huge investment that can hardly be recovered in a market where $8 titles are considered somewhat expensive. In addition, such games can turn out massive in terms of data size - larger than what most users can comfortably download over a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Although most smartphone owners are casual players who play simple games to pass the time, who knows - maybe mobile games that look as impressive as this tech-demo could turn them onto complex (and expensive) games. But as everything that's great, this “maturing” of the market will take time.

Apart from looking better than ever, Unreal Engine 4 aims to ease developers with development tools that let them model levels and build games in real-time. For example, assets can be simply dragged and dropped in the level, while textures can be selected and applied instantly to the targeted object.

via G For Games

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posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:28 5

1. darkskoliro (Posts: 1090; Member since: 07 May 2012)

Can't wait for K1 for some real mobile gaming.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:32 2

4. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

About that time, the K2 will start sampling, and it will blow the K1 away....

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:41

10. darkskoliro (Posts: 1090; Member since: 07 May 2012)

Ofc :) Since when has mobile technology improvements been radical?
Its a good step regardless. The possibilities for porting game titles from console or PC quality really is the only gaming I would be satisfied with.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 15:36

26. brrunopt (Posts: 742; Member since: 15 Aug 2013)

they have not, but the K2 (or whatever) will be radical because the K1 is late.

The K1 is based on 2y old Kepler arquitecture (on 28nm)
Right now the new generation (maxwell) is coming in 28nm and will roll out in 20nm in late 2014/2015. But even an 28nm Maxwell offers a gigantic efficiency jump

If nvidea bring the next generation with Maxwell it will be a radical change..

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:34 1

6. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

we have to wait till oems use liquid metal back or kevlar sapphire or carbon fiber back cause temp would reach 55degrees, and need 3500mah battery

thats 900 gigaflops 7times better graphics than adreno330 .

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:43 2

11. darkskoliro (Posts: 1090; Member since: 07 May 2012)

I dont have any source to the statistics of heat given off by the K1, but we can imagine that a 2w GPU and a mobile dual core shouldn't require any special cooling hardware.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:54

12. IliyaBeshkov (Posts: 261; Member since: 09 Jul 2012)

Or just use a PGS heatsink.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:28

2. aayupanday (Posts: 580; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

Looks pretty Gorgeous for a Smartphone....

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:30 1

3. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

unreal engine makes superb intense graphic games like wild blood and few other games ive not played yet

another plus point would be if oems start using better gpu socs like pvrrouge 8xgpu or even great would be 16xgpu. mobile gpu gigaflops are at 130 the highest, this should be tripled to 300gigaflop mark, games would reach 80fps for smooooooth rendereing and no lag

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 21:24

30. vincelongman (Posts: 5069; Member since: 10 Feb 2013)

Screen OEMs should stick with 1080p and work on improving the freshrate, so we can get 75Hz, 96Hz, 144Hz screens on our phones, otherwise our phones will only show 60 fps due to their 60Hz screen

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:34

5. papss (unregistered)

To bad it will have zero feedback and craptacular game play.. Cell games in general are terrible

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:36 3

7. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

its blamed on bad rubbish gpu that oems use this tegrak1 has twice the power graphics of ps2

have you played nvidia tegra games or wildblood, the graphics are like console games>>>>>

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 07:21 1

13. papss (unregistered)

Its more about game play. I prefer feedback when playing and the touch screen just doesn't provide that.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:03 1

16. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1543; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

Then connect a gamepad to your Android, your android to the TV and problem solved :D

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:14

18. papss (unregistered)

Or I could play my Xbox 360, Xbox one or Wii u

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 09:09

22. Klamba92 (Posts: 210; Member since: 25 Jun 2012)

Its not entirely solved I have done that with the Nexus 7 its not about the graphics its about he controls, gameplay and feel while you can play with a gamepad it's limited in its functionally its hasn't truely been optimised to play with a game controller. That's why I don't care for gaming on mobile devices when I have the console pc and 3ds that's far better even with its very outdated specs!

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 10:15 1

23. joey_sfb (Posts: 6608; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

Last I heard there not many games available in wp8 phones anyway. So don't worry about unreal engine ever appearing in wp8 platform.

So should be right up the two wp8 fans alley, move along and stop feeling so green about it.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:37

8. KillerKeyboard (Posts: 344; Member since: 21 Nov 2013)

I'm currently taking Unreal engine courses and workshops. :]

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 06:39

9. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

powervrsgxrouge are the best gpu that even qualcoom snapdragon are no way near them

there new adreno has 170gigaflops while pvrrouge has 260 gigaflops

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 21:18

29. vincelongman (Posts: 5069; Member since: 10 Feb 2013)

100 = Tegra 4
100 = Mali-T628 (Exynos 5420)
115 = G6430 (iPad Air's A7)
130 = S800
160 = S801
250 = G6630 (maybe in the A8?)
325 = Mali-T760 MP16 (maybe next Exynos SoC?)
365 = K1
??? = S805 (unreleased)
230 = PS3
240 = X360
1320 = XONE
1840 = PS4
1840 = R9 265 (AMD's $150 GPU)

However, you can't simply compare GFLOPS, as most GPUs are based off different architectures, have different CPUs and run off different APIs

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 07:48

14. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Is the demo available to try out?

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 07:57

15. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1543; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

Is it me or it has some issues with frame rates?
Impressive as it it I find the GPUs in mobile still have a long way to go.
K1 may be good push in that direction, but I wonder how much can be done in such a tight envelopes (GPUs tend to be a lot more constrained by power than CPUs, as they can paralellize work much better)

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:04

17. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

if only in android had the option to use both cpu gpu to push its os, there would be no need for better cpu, but in games both cpu gpu kick in

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:22

19. vuyonc (Posts: 1062; Member since: 24 Feb 2014)

This will work better with portable gaming consoles (Vita and 3DS) than smartphones IMO

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:32

20. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)



posted on 24 Mar 2014, 08:57 1

21. hms2407 (Posts: 94; Member since: 25 Apr 2013)

OH my god!!!!! my n5 is more powerful than my pc 0_o

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 10:57

24. serrano989 (Posts: 39; Member since: 02 Apr 2012)

I wonder how the battery will hold up pushing the gpu that hard. I'd say 2016 would be when we see phones with that performance with decent battery life on the regular.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 13:15

25. livyatan (Posts: 867; Member since: 19 Jun 2013)

Yeah, this puts some light om the Adreno 330 potential.
There is currently NO mobile game that even comes close of pushing it to limits..and probably won't be for at least another year.

posted on 24 Mar 2014, 16:59

27. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

Let me say that while these games go for $8 or free to play, they come with very expensive in-app purchases. I never bought any in-app purchases from the Infinity Blade Series.

In Jan 2014, I played my first MMO called Castle Age HD on iOS that was free to play. I bought a starter promo pack for $5 and got hook on in-app purchases. I've spent $800 during these past 12 weeks. I have to buy the promo packs now because it's an arms race. There's a lot of cyber-bullying from cheapskate players who has been on CA for a long time. These tend to be high level losers picking on weaker players. It sucks if you get "chained" because it can interfere with you game. What I do is level up and go back and kick their butt. I ask them: Why is it okay for you to attack me, but it's not okay for me to attack you back? OR Why are you asking for mercy, when I never asked for mercy (when you were attacking me)?

Basically the "devs" know about this "cyberbullying" and actually turn a blind eye because they know competitive people hate to lose, so we keep making in-app purchases like trained monkeys. I was told after level 600, the hazing process tends to end. It's a part of PvP that gets abused, but it is a big part of the game. I hate PvP as I prefer to hunt monster and farm favor points (about 25 to 35 fp a week).

The moral of this post is Unreal Tech left a lot of money on the table in the form of in-app purchases because they failed to understand that people like me have no problem dropping $800 to get even. Had Infinity Blade came with PvP, those guys would have cleaned up.

One more thing, the most I've spent on in-app purchases BEFORE CA was like $10 in one card game called Ascension and didn't spend more than $25 max for all in-app purchases. CA is really addictive and spending the money to level up and watch the cyber-bullies beg for mercy makes its so much fun. I love treating these bullies the same way they treated me, right now, I am involved in 13 different fights and it gets so PERSONAL and NASTY at times. It's an effen slugfest. I know I am going to win because I spend $$$ to level up and they don't -- I typically have go up 10 levels a day to survive against some of the mean-spirited and poorest people online.

I can understand how some people could drop $5,000 to $10,000 a year on in-app purchases.

posted on 25 Mar 2014, 02:11

31. luis.d (Posts: 354; Member since: 04 Dec 2013)

That's interesting (and bad)! Thanks for sharing.

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