ChargeCard USB Charger for the Apple iPhone and Android fits in your wallet


If you're not happy with the battery life on your phone, and want to be prepared just in case you never get the opportunity to plug into anouther outlet during the course of the day, you might be interested in ChargeCard. Funded last year by Kickstarter, this is a USB charger that is the size of a credit card and fits in your wallet. The card connects to the charging port on your phone. Then, you fold out the built in USB cable and plug it in to a USB port. The device will even allow you to recharge through a case like an Otter Box.

The ChargeCard can be pre-ordered from the sourcelink for $25, and it is expected to start shipping in May. It will fit the Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 4/4S and Android models. Keep in mind that the card itself will not charge your phone,  you do need to find a USB port during your time of need. Now that might be as simple as plugging the device into your laptop, but if you have to search for a USB port, you might ask yourself what the advantage of having the ChargeCard is. Well, it can replace the bulky A/C wires and chargers not to mention USB cables that you always are stuffing in your pocket. And you can always use it at Best Buy or other tech stores. While you're pretending to look over that one laptap, you can be recharging your phone by using your ChargeCard to connect to its USB port.

source: ChargeCard, Kickstarter via Forbes

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