Carmageddon: Crashers drag racing game “crashes” into App Store and Google Play


The Carmageddon franchise has just produced another title for mobile devices, which brings the drag racing concept to new heights. Unsurprisingly, Carmageddon: Crashers is all about destruction, “it's the antidote to dreary drag strip racing games,” as developers put it.

The folks at Stainless Games released Carmageddon: Crashers in the App Store and Google Play after a very short soft-launch. The game is available for free, but it requires an online connection in order to play.

So, the game is pretty basic as two cars start from opposite ends of the drag strip, and race straight at one another. To survive the crash, you'll need to upgrade your car, collect PowerUps that boost the impact force, as well as add zappers meant to fry the race fans as you race to meet your opponent.

Developers promise a “wild variety” of classic Carmageddon cars will be at your disposal to unlock and collect. Carmageddon: Crashers challenges players to climb to the top of the Crashers league, defeating everything in their path, including some powerful Mini Bosses and Zone Bosses.

Last but not least, Stainless Games promises that more cars and another new Zone will be available for Carmageddon: Crashers players.

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