CLIQ XT upgrade brings touchscreen fix, updates Swype but doesn't bring Eclair

CLIQ XT upgrade adds Swype and touchscreen fix but no Android 2.1
Motorola CLIQ XT owners will be getting an upgrade for their handset. While it is not the Android 2.1 download that was hoped for, the upgrade will include the latest version of Swype, which should result in an improvement in performance in the swipe to type virtual keyboard.

After the upgrade, CLIQ XT users will find the phone and the touchscreen much more responsive to the touch when opening applications and the Happenings widget. Downloading attachments and pictures within an e-mail will also be easier. The upgrade should also end the unexpected closing of programs and added stability will mean fewer situations where the screen is unresponsive.

Some CLIQ XT users have had problems with getting a notification that an e-mail has not been sent when in fact, it was. That will be repaired with this upgrade. Certain problems receiving/sending MMS messages have been resolved and Bluetooth performance and connectivity have both been improved.

While this all adds up to make the device a better phone, we're sure that owners of the CLIQ XT would love to have some Android 2.1 action on the handset. Hopefully, that will be next. As we reported, Eclair should be served sometime early this quarter.

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source: Motorola

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