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Buy a new Belkin screen protector at an Apple Store, and it will be installed perfectly for you

A sloppily installed screen protector can leave your iPhone display vulnerable if the device is dropped. Nothing is more demoralizing than buying a brand new smartphone, and then watching it hit the pavement screen-side down. Actually, there is some good news on this front. Accessories manufacturer Belkin has introduced its Screen Care + Application System.

This system has been shipped out to U.S. Apple Stores where it will be used to install Belkin's screen protection products on certain iPhone models. Belkin's InvisiGlass is flexible and can take the impact of a drop without cracking. The other product is Belkin's Anti-Glare, which is a scratch-resistant covering that reduces the glare from artificial lighting and brilliant sunshine. The InvisiGlass is priced at $34.95 while the Anti-Glare is $17.95. Both prices include installation.

Yes, there is a trick to getting these screen protectors on just right. Most people doing it themselves end up with bubbles under the screen, or they fail to cover all of the glass with the screen protector. And that is where Belkin's installation device comes in handy. Made explicitly for the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, the tool allows a trained Apple Store employee to align the protector and install it perfectly.

Belkin says that it eventually will have the Application System inside every Apple Store around the world. Each screen protector has a limited lifetime warranty, and Belkin says that both protectors are so clear, that you would never know that they are there.

If you worry about dropping your new iPhone, why not make a date to visit the Apple Store and have one of Belkin's screen protectors expertly applied to your handset. It just might save you a lot of tears.

source: Belkin via AppleInsider

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