Broadcom unveils two LTE-enabled SoCs, which are "pin-to-pin" compatible

Broadcom unveils two LTE-enabled SoCs, which are "pin-to-pin" compatible
Two days ago, we told you that MediaTek unveiled the first true octa-core LTE-enabled SoC in the world. Meanwhile, Broadcom, another chipset manufacturer, didn't stay out of the lights for too long. The company unveiled two new LTE-enabled systems on a chip, too - the M320 and the M340.

The M320 SoC comes with a dual-core CPU, while the M340 utilizes four cores. Both systems are "pin-to-pin compatible", which means that OEMs can use one platform design across many devices and easily switch one SoC with the other – in order to cut costs and save production time, for example. Both the M320 and the M340 SoC are capable of reaching LTE speeds up to 150Mbps (both on FDD and TDD LTE networks) and up to 42Mbps on HSPA+ 3G networks. Broadcom states that the M320 is currently in production, and it is expected that the M340 will soon follow.

Broadcom's new SoCs come with both VoLTE (voice over LTE) and HD voice support on board. Additionally, the company has succeeded in decreasing the LTE power consumption by 30%, resulting in improved overall battery life.

The SoC manufacturer will showcase these new products at MWC 2014 later this month. Both the M320 and the M340 SoCs are targeted at the "sub $300 LTE smartphone market".

source: Broadcom via IntoMobile


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