Both the 5.77" Galaxy S9 and 6.22" S9+ reported to come with in-cell touch displays

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In a disappointing news for third-party suppliers, Samsung has allegedly opted to produce an in-cell touch solution for both Galaxy S9 models next year on its own. Dubbed Y-OCTA, the flexible OLED technology integrates the touch layer in the screen panel itself, thus slimming it down, and reducing production costs by the whopping 30%. 

The Galaxy S8 uses such a solution, while the S8+ and the upcoming Note 8 are said to be with a regular extra touch layer packaged together with the panel, as Samsung suppliers don't have enough capacity to implement it everywhere for now.

Both the 5.77" and 6.22" panels of the eventual Galaxy S9 and S9+ are tipped to come with Y-OCTA touch layer integration, though, and Samsung is going to use its own resources to produce them. The display unit is reported to expand greatly for next year, upping the capacity from the 3-4 million panels a month it can make now, to 10 million, and the company is apparently trying to internalize all production and component processes. "It is a matter of time for the wider adoption of the Y-OCTA," commented an industry source. "Due to its cost benefits, Samsung is likely to adopt the solution for its new display and smartphone technologies."

source: ET News


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