Boldomatic is the text-only social network that makes Facebook and Instagram feel tired

Developer: BoldomaticDownload: Android, iOS, Web
Genre: SocialPrice: Free

It's rare to stumble upon an app that feels so fresh and bold, especially when it's one of those social apps that keep you over-connected to everyone and their dog. Boldomatic is pure genius distilled into a social network that's all about you sharing your life's wisdom with the world in big letters and bold colors. And mostly, it's about writing. It's the perfect place to publish one of those profound thoughts you come up with in the spur of the moment, gain a following of fans, follow other 'writers', and share the experience with everyone you know via social media and invites. Everything's allowed - gossip, poetry, song lyrics, profanity, whatever.

Every Boldomatic user has a profile and can be reached by message or conversation. You can follow somebody, or merely subscribe to their musings. There are lists of suggested and trending writers to get you started. There are also weekly contests. You can generate your own feed, or look for posts from specific countries. Most importantly, though, you can write! Each one of your statements will be specially prepared for publishing, by choosing a background color and... that's it! The app does all the text positioning and font size adjustment for you - it's easier than twitting!

Since Boldomatic isn't exactly anonymous, chances are it won't fall victim to tedious trolls or spam bots that push awful stuff you don't want to bother reading. More geniune than any quotation, more interesting than Yo, and much more colorful than Facebook, it's an app you don't want to miss if you are entertained by pure thought.

Boldomatic is free and available on Android and iOS. Or, you can simply write in Chrome.


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