Bloomberg: 4.3" HTC One Mini is real, to “go on sale by August”

Bloomberg: 4.3" HTC One Mini is real, to  “go on sale by August”
Have you heard of the HTC One Mini? Just like Samsung is milking its flagship branding for phones small, large and with optical zoom, HTC might be releasing a scaled down version of its 4.7-inch flagship too.

Bloomberg regurgitates the speculation we've heard on it so far, such as a 4.3" display with lower resolution than the parent, which on that screen size would still be swell, and a slower Snapdragon processor. The business publication, however, also confirms the One Mini to "go on sale by August".

Given that the HTC One has Full HD 1080p display and scorching Snapdragon 600, if the HTC One Mini sports "just" HD 720p screen and Snapdragon 400, for instance, it would still be a great midranger.

That's especially if it comes with an UltraPixel camera, as rumored, and the BoomSound dual front stereo speakers, which is expected as well. The only variable is the price, but if it's in the $400 ballpark sans contract, HTC might have a veritable hit on its hands.

source: Bloomberg


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