Bling My Thing Samsung Galaxy S III cases hands-on

Bling My Thing Samsung Galaxy S III cases hands-on
If you paid close attention to our 10 fancy Samsung Galaxy S III cases article from not too long ago, you probably remember the one from Bling My Thing – mainly because it features Swarovski elements that add to its overall attraction. Well, we’re taking a close look at two specific ones that are no doubt fashionably conscious in every single way. Sure, it might be targeted to a specific audience, but there is no arguing that they’re fanciful in so many ways imaginable.

Specifically, we’re checking out Bling My Thing’s Orchids and Milky Way cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Taking into account that the Swarovski elements are applied one-by-one by skilled craftsmen, there’s a premium price tag naturally attached to them. For those wondering, the Orchids and Milky Way cases retail respectively for $31 and $56. With the latter, it’s not surprising to find it being the higher priced one, seeing it’s sporting a handful of shiny looking crystals – as opposed to the three on the Orchids cases. Check out the gallery below to learn more about these two beauties.

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