Blind camera comparison: Vote for the unidentified cameraphone you like best!

Blind camera comparison: Vote for the unidentified cameraphone you like best!
Smartphone cameras are getting better and better every year, companies are leapfrogging themselves all the time, the industry is progressing at a breathtaking pace... With so much going on, and with the next big thing always lurking right around the corner, it's easy to lose track of exactly how all the players rank when it comes to camera performance. When the iPhone 5 came out last year, it was the undisputed leader in this space for quite a while. However, this year's Samsung Galaxy S4 managed to take over the top spot with its fancy 13 MP camera. Then, it was LG with the G2 that kind of blew everyone out of the water, only to be challenged by the Sony Xperia Z1 just weeks later. Meanwhile, Nokia has been establishing its control over the hardcore cameraphone market with its Lumia 1020, which may not be your typical mainstream smartphone, but sure packs one helluva camera.

So, here's the deal: we took some of the best cameraphones around and went to do a new camera comparison. However, wouldn't it be fun if we do a quick blind camera comparison first, before publishing the whole thing, along with all the expert analysis and ratings? Yep, that's exactly what we're going to do!

Below you'll find three of the scenes we've chosen for our new camera comparison. However, the names of the phones that have been used to take the pictures will remain hidden, so that all possible bias can be factored out before making the decision. There is a poll at the end of the article where you'll be able to vote for the cameraphone that you think has done the best job overall.

Note: We've scaled all images to 13 megapixels and removed all EXIF data so that you can't identify the phones.

Tip: Use the 'Fullscreen' option in the upper right corner of the gallery to view the images more comfortably!

Which cameraphone do you like best?

Samsung Galaxy S4
Apple iPhone 5c
Apple iPhone 5s
Nokia Lumia 1020

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