BlackBerry responds to Facebook and WhatsApp's decision to drop 'Berry support for their apps

BlackBerry responds to Facebook and WhatsApp's decision to drop 'Berry support for their apps
Just the other day, we told you that a big change was coming to the Facebook apps found on BlackBerry 10 and BB OS. Starting on March 31st, the Facebook apps for those platforms will no longer work. After being updated by the user, they will link to the web based version of the social media site. The private APIs used on the native Facebook app for iOS and Android is not offered to BlackBerry, forcing the change, Days earlier, WhatsApp said that it would drop support for all BlackBerry operating systems by the end of the year.

BlackBerry says that it tried to work with Facebook and WhatsApp to see if they would change their minds, but it was to no avail. BlackBerry suggests that disappointed Facebook and WhatsApp users go to social media and complain about the lack of BlackBerry support by posting to #ILoveBB10Apps.

BlackBerry will make up for the loss of the two apps by launching a new feature on BlackBerry World called Great Apps on BlackBerry. This is a list of 20 native apps available for BlackBerry 10. A new list will be released every two weeks, once a month. To be considered a "greatBlackBerry app," it must be built using BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades or WebWork HTML5. It must have a 3-star rating, do all the tasks outlined in the app's description, and can't be built using a template. It also can't be merely a link to the a web application. That's ironic because that is exactly what the Facebook apps on BlackBerry have become.

On it's Inside BlackBerry blog, the company responded to the decisions made by Facebook and WhatsApp. You can read the manufacturer's response in its entirety, below.

source: BlackBerry via MobileSyrup


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