BlackBerry Z10 headed to Vodafone UK, will be available on January 31

BlackBerry Z10 headed to Vodafone UK, will be available on January 31
If there's one thing that ticks off smartphone enthusiasts, that's getting excited about a new, upcoming device and then having to wait for months until it finally gets released. This, however, likely won't happen with the BlackBerry Z10, which RIM will officially introduce on January 30 alongside the BlackBerry X10. According to an anonymous insider, Vodafone UK will start accepting orders for the former handset on the day of its announcement, at 5:00PM local time. Then on January 31, the BlackBerry Z10 will be already in stock at Vodafone UK outlets. Now that's what you call a timely rollout!

Unfortunately, only the black model will be released at first. Those who prefer getting a white BlackBerry Z10 will have to wait until mid-February, but considering all that time that we've spent waiting for BlackBerry 10 to arrive, a couple more weeks probably won't hurt much. 

In addition to the smartphone's launch date, the leaked internal document reveals a few more things worth noting. The BlackBerry Z10 will require a service agreement and will not be available on a pay-as-you-go plan, or at least not initially. The most affordable contract one can pair a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with will cost £47 monthly, featuring unlimited calling, texting, and 3GB of mobile data. That may seem rather steep, but at least customers won't need to pay additional fees for BlackBerry services.

If all this news about BlackBerry 10 and RIM's upcoming smartphones gets you excited, make sure you follow our event coverage! We'll be reporting all about the BlackBerry 10 event as it unfolds, so tune in on January 30 at 10AM Eastern Time (7AM PT, 3PM GMT). 

source: The Verge

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1. frmrVZguy

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^ this looks a LOT like Motorola-DROID-X2_id5235 (use this as a search term) and implies a tie-up of some kind. But since BB hardware is effectively an "accessory" to the service, it seems that a tie-up with MOTOROLA expertise with high security communications might be the way to out-source a waning hardware business as the software is developed to "piggyback" on other OSes

2. antmiu2

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dafuq you just wrote?

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