BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 to launch August 15th on AT&T, September/October on Vodafone?

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BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 to launch August 15th on AT&T, September/October on Vodafone?
Thanks to videos of the handset's boot-up screen, we know that the highly anticipated BlackBerry Torch Slider 9800 is heading for AT&T in the States. According to BlackBerry Cool, the carrier is expected to release the device on August 15th. Outside of the U.S., Vodafone and Rogers will both also get to offer this love child between a Storm and a Bold. The Vodafone launch is expected to take place in the September/October time frame with no word on when to expect Rogers to release the phone.

With a touchscreen and a Bold-esque physical QWERTY keyboard, the 9800 also features the new BlackBerry 6 OS which is the most Multimedia focused OS that RIM has ever developed, as well as being more finger-friendly. Throw in the new WebKit browser that supports tabbed browsing and "pinch-to-zoom" and this could be the most drool producing handset that has ever worn the BlackBerry name.

source: BlackBerryCool




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Same could be said about palms market place. in blackberrys defense blackberry has been more towards business use rather than multimedia so yes that's one reason blackberry has a limited app selection. Maybe after 6.0 comes out that will change things.

6. tmoney83

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who care about all those apps that people dont even use. we not looking for toys in a phone. thats for kids. all the main apps is on all three phones if u ask me

3. som

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good luck with few 1000s apps OS people will ignoring it Android 70000 apps and Apple 250000 apps.

4. *HOVA*

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Apple and Android had only 1000's of apps at one point too. Gotta start somewhere.

5. remixfa

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i cant believe im agreeing with HOVA, but hes right. Besides, the blackberry market isnt flooded with fart apps and softcore porn apps. LOL How many GOOD apps do you need? Can you fit all 7k apps from the blackberry market to your device? Can you fit 70k on an android or 200k on an iphone? The total number of apps is good for advertisement and fanboy wars. Give me 20-30 good useful apps and games and im happy.

7. tiolawa

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Sorry I disagree with HOVA Blackberry has been around a lot longer than both android and apple and has failed to get into the app game they are late coming and long overdo if hey are not careful they could suffer Palms fate.

2. joey18

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1. clevername

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I can't believe I'm actually excited about and interested in a blackberry. But this thing and os 6 especially are pretty damn good looking.

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