Video teases the BlackBerry Wireless Charger from BlackBerry Mobile India

Back in April, well before Optiemus unveiled the brand new BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X, and the two handsets were still known by their codenames of Ghost and Ghost Pro, tipster Evan Blass sent out a tweet showing sketches of what was supposed to be the first BlackBerry branded wireless charger. Fast forward almost four months and not only have the new phones been introduced, but a new video teases the BlackBerry Wireless Charger.

Almost a perfect copy of the sketches tweeted by Blass, the BlackBerry Wireless Charger resembles the BlackBerry Secure shield with two blue indicator lights on the side. One thing that we couldn't see from the teaser was the Type-C USB port that appears on the top side of the charger in the sketches. It does have the three rubber pads on the bottom of the accessory to keep it from skidding off a table top.

The Evolve won't launch until later this month, and it won't be until the middle of next month before the Evolve X is released. Our guess is that we will hear more about the BlackBerry Wireless Charger once the Evolve is officially on sale. Since the accessory is made by Optiemus and the video comes from BlackBerry Mobile India, the charger might only be available in the same markets that the phones will be offered in (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka). Obviously, when it comes to pricing and availability, there is no information to report to you yet.


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