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BlackBerry App World version ready for download

Posted: , by Alan F.

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BlackBerry App World version ready for download
For those BlackBerry users who were wondering why App World was acting a bit wonky today before being removed by RIM, the answer is now clear. The latest version of BlackBerry App World,, is now ready to be downloaded on your 'Berry. If you have not yet received the OTA notice, you can try to refresh the older version of App World and it might show up. If not, be patient as your notification is probably making its way through all of the garbled internet traffic.

As we reported, App World is currently in a battle with Windows Market place for third and fourth place among the top online application stores. The latest figures had the former with 20,000 apps and the latter with 9,000. Apple's App Store leads with 350,000 apps with the hard charging Android Market second with 250,000.

RIM did not include a changelog in the release, so if you have upgraded your BlackBerry with the new build of App World, let us know about any changes you come across by simply writing about it in the comment box below.  If you 'Berry supports App World and you don't have it on your handset, you can download it from this link.

source: BlackBerry via Crackberry

The latest version of BlackBerry App World is ready to be installed on your BlackBerry device

The latest version of BlackBerry App World is ready to be installed on your BlackBerry device

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posted on 21 Mar 2011, 05:06

1. nimo (Posts: 72; Member since: 11 Jun 2010)

It won't let me download anything from the App world unless there is phone coverage, even though it goes ahead and uses wifi to download the actual app.

posted on 21 Mar 2011, 12:48

2. NewEconomy101 (unregistered)

Blackberry app world?? What a joke!!! Blackberry sucks! Plain and Simple!! They are way behind apple and android. Everyone I know who still has one can't wait for their contract to expire so they can ditch their phone just like RIM ditched its consumers by refusing to release reliable and useable software upgrades!!! I have the Storm 2 and it's awful and outdated! Can't wait to ditch RIM in June 2011!

RIM executives are sleeping behind the wheel!!!! When the playbook arrives it to will be outdated just like the crappy torch!

posted on 28 Mar 2011, 13:38

3. Forum Police (unregistered)



...and the trolling continues...

posted on 31 Mar 2011, 04:22

4. lisha (unregistered)

Won't let me downoad either sort it out /:

posted on 01 Apr 2011, 03:13

5. suzette lindeque (unregistered)

I have upgraded my software on my bb curve 8520.after that I could login to my aap world.but since yesterday it says error occured and then they busy with maintenance.but I still can't download or login to my app world.I've gothe the latest app world

posted on 01 Apr 2011, 22:00

6. Nathan (unregistered)

For over 4 weeks now I have not been able to download anything. Keeps telling me there is an error and to try again later. I tired of trying again.

posted on 16 May 2011, 12:54

8. clare (unregistered)

Blackberry app world is a JOKE upgraded on my curve 8520 now iv got no app world :-(

posted on 20 May 2011, 23:20

9. IksonM (unregistered)

Tried Upgrading Blackberry app world on my Javelin. Its installed but am not able to find he Ico. If i try to Re install it... It shows its already installed.... Whats Happening

posted on 22 Jun 2011, 05:05

10. Skifudiski (unregistered)

I tried updating my BlackBerry 9700 a.k.a Bold 2, but since then some of my settings has change like, BlackBerry App World and I contacted my service provider they said the problem it from the phone settings. so I would like to return the Original BlackBerry App world,the phone and all other Applications to its original setting. Because sometimes I go on internet it shows http 503 that the server is unable to handle my request due to temporare overloading or maintenance of the server try again later. Please kindly direct me on the how to download the original version that comes with the phone. My Blackberry I'd is bizzy_tee@yahoo.com

posted on 03 Jun 2012, 21:43

11. kishana (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Jun 2012)

i upgraded to BB app world my 8520 and now i have no app world can someone please tell me how to fix it it's getting me mwad i'm about to go crazy a throw the phone away!

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