Billionaire opts for 9 year old Nokia instead of new smartphone

Billionaire opts for 9 year old Nokia instead of new smartphone
Being a billionaire means owning the best of everything. Sir Philip Green is the 9th richest man in the U.K. and is worth more than $6 billion U.S. which gives him the ability to own a Mercedes S500, a Gulfstream Jet, a solid gold Monopoly set and a 206 foot yacht. A man like that, you would figure, would be carrying around the smartest of smartphones. Is there an iPhone 3GS in Mr. Green's pocket? Or perhaps he uses the latest Snapdragon enabled Android superphone featuring HD video capture.Actually, the owner of Britain's Topshop retail stores owns a 9 year old Nokia 6130. Years away from being in production, the featurephone has no camera and a monochrome screen. But being wealthy does have advantages. Green bought out the remaining inventory of the phone in case he has to replace it. Last year, the billionaire was asked about finally joining the 21st Century and buying a smarphone. His response was, "No chance. I have only just worked out how to use this one."

source: NYPOST via HuffingtonPost


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