Big, huge, bigger: giant LG Optimus Vu officially announced, supports a stylus

Big, huge, bigger: giant LG Optimus Vu officially announced, supports a stylus
The LG Optimus Vu has been officially unveiled by LG days before MWC, the biggest show dedicated to phones and the mobile industry, kicks off. And in the best traditions set by the Samsung Galaxy Note, the LG Optimus Vu is huge. 

With a 5-inch screen with an unusual aspect ratio of 4:3, it catches the eye, but we kept on wondering whether such a huge device can really become the mainstream. Here are all the details about it:

- a 5-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels,
- thin 8.5mm body,
- screen supports a stylus,
- 1.5GHz dual-core processor,
- 8MP camera,
- LTE connectivity,
- huge 2080mAh battery,
- Gingerbread initially, to get updated to ICS within 3 months after launch.

Initially, the Optimus Vu is set to land on Korean carriers SK Telecom and LG+. The Optimus Vu release date is March 2012. What do you think about supersized smartphones like the Vu, is bigger size what you’re looking for and does the resolution make a difference?

source: LG

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Optimus Vu
  • Display 5.0" 768 x 1024 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 1.3 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S3, Dual-core, 1500 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 2080 mAh



1. WWThinker

Posts: 55; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

Even the display is at 5.3", the 16:10 aspect ratio still allows me to put the Samsung Note into the front pocket of my jeans. I respect the attempt by LG to be different, this one has low resolution (or pixel per inch) and is too big to be put into the pocket of my jeans. Bad design for mobile computing!!

4. Striker

Posts: 92; Member since: Nov 06, 2011

Wow! You gotta have pretty large jeans! Lol!

53. WWThinker

Posts: 55; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

I bought my jeans at Costco (USA). Galaxy Note fits in OK. I could sit in chairs and sofa. I have no doubt that the 4.7" or 4.3" phone would leave more room. But, I am pretty sure that this 4:3 LG phone won't fit into the front pocket of my jeans or else, I won't be able to drive or sit without first removing the LG from the pocket. I admired the courage of designers who chose this form-factor but I don't believe that one can carry this LG Optima Vu without either a larger-size pocket in the pant or a carrying bag. Because screen size beyond 4.7" is by default a compromise between the very portable (

8. Guest_star

Posts: 231; Member since: Dec 30, 2011

it actualy has 256 ppi, and it is too wide imo

36. cellphonator

Posts: 298; Member since: Oct 29, 2011

You shouldn't keep your cell phone in your pants pocket anyway. It's unhealthy.

3. Stinger2U

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 17, 2012

This phone actually looks great. Just not really sure how will it fit in the hand since it's very wide. But I will never by an LG phone again( i have the optimis 3d), not since the ghost call issue that this phone is suffering from ever since it was updated to gingerbread.

9. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2359; Member since: Apr 18, 2011


45. abhishek48

Posts: 164; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

I have a Lg Thrill 4g and samsung galaxy s2, frankly speaking lg thrill is as powefull as gs2, but i am disappointed that still its on froyo in USA.. the performance is good.. but this upgrade is much needed, when every one talking about ICS, thrill is still on froyo ... i heard it gor updated to GB in Europe buy has ghost call issue... i love the 3d on it.. if lg makes a successful update to GB in USA, i will buy the new 3d2 also... but without upgrade.. NO... the phone has super performance and powerful specs.. and 3DDD... but froyo is letting it down

49. Guest_star

Posts: 231; Member since: Dec 30, 2011

As far as I'm informed optimus 3d 2nd edition will have ICS on it, or mb GB but it will be upgraded to ICS

57. u-suck-more

Posts: 529; Member since: Aug 26, 2011

hi i have an LG Optimus 3D and i updated it to Gingerbread already. Im from Singapore. i also had the ghost call issue but it was solved by simply factory resetting the phone

5. shadez10

Posts: 427; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

if nokia was like apple.. they would have sued LG because the O.VU looks like the lumia 900... but that phone looks ugly... SG.note is till better... :D

6. longhairbilly

Posts: 66; Member since: Aug 23, 2010

Another phone launching with Ginerbread..

10. bayusuputra

Posts: 963; Member since: Feb 12, 2012

i have a feelings a lot more stylus supporting phoneblets are coming.. and i sense quite a portion of customers will be drawn to stylus phoneblets..

12. GalaxyOptimus

Posts: 23; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

I like LG's Phones but.... What the heck is that?

43. Henrik

Posts: 141; Member since: Feb 18, 2012

It's weird, I give you that, but I actually like it :-) A bit too big for me though, since I never carry around a satchel, manpurse or handbag. But if I did, I might have considered it :-)

46. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1245; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

Since it's weird i could see Sprint picking this up. They have a habit of picking up the odd phones in hopes of it turning out to be a huge hit.

13. Guest_star

Posts: 231; Member since: Dec 30, 2011

well if you dont mind the fact that it is soo wide, it is quite good imo, because this aspect ratio is great for web browsing and for games it only sucks for movies

30. gaby1451

Posts: 119; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

Why is that by the way? (the aspect ratio not being good for watching movies)

34. Guest_star

Posts: 231; Member since: Dec 30, 2011

because all modern movies are made in 16:9 and this is 4:3 so there will be some black lines around the movies when you watch it

14. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Um, is that square thing supposed to be the LG Optimus Vu? Cos it is U-G-L-Y

15. TC_Mits

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

A 2amp battery is NOT huge for an LTE phone with this much IPS display. But, an IPS display @720 will be truer and sharper than a PenTile RGBW, like the one on the D4, would be @1080. What I want to know is, does it support SD cards? On a screen this big and this good, I want my Bogart .AVI flix on the phone. No need to get throttled for watching or re-watching movies on my phone that I already own.

16. u-suck-more

Posts: 529; Member since: Aug 26, 2011

the phone looks cute to me lol >

18. k1ng617

Posts: 270; Member since: Oct 13, 2009

What's the word I'm looking for? Ohhh yah, HIDEOUS!

19. breathlesstao unregistered

"we kept on wondering whether such a huge device can really become the mainstream" ...are you nuts? Since when have such "huge" devices been WANTING to become mainstream at all??? @.@ 5 and above are just targeted at certain layers; even 4.7" ones are pretty much over in the "big" area, as opposed to the "general" one.

32. TC_Mits

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

true. but it's the size of the phone that counts -- not the display. a 5" screen would fit easily on a handset the size of the D4, if it had less bezel -- or none at all, like the "Vanquish" prototype.

21. spicythecoolboy

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

lg once agian fails......................................


Posts: 53; Member since: Nov 22, 2011

Then what is a 4.5 inch screen. I have an epic 4g touch. I just got it last week. I already love the screen size! don't you think the next generation of smartphones will have much bigger screens?? To fit our huge needs...

23. Guest_star

Posts: 231; Member since: Dec 30, 2011

For all of you who complain that this thing has low ress screen compared to Note, let me just say this: this screen uses RGB matrice thus it has 768 subpixels per inch compared to 570 that note has so picture on this minitab will be sharper and it will have better color reproduction, not speaking of saturation here because IPS has realistic colors and OLED's tend to oversaturate them, and let's hope LG has done something to make the blacks on VU as close to OLED blaks as they possibly could

28. squallz506

Posts: 1075; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

Cosign. The vu has a sharper and brighter screen than te note. And I always prefer tips LCD to samoled.

24. trumpet116

Posts: 27; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

If these sizes are the future of the best non-iphone handsets, Android is going to lose a lot of people to iOS simply because they can't handle 4.5+ screens comfortably...

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