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Best rugged armor cases for the HTC 10

Best rugged armor cases for the HTC 10
We've scanned the interwebs looking for the best rugged and armor cases for the HTC 10 and we're ready to highlight some quality products!

The HTC 10 may not be the commercial success that the iconic smartphone maker needed. However, many of those who've spent top dollar on their HTC 10 love their handset and would like to keep using it for as long as possible. If that sounds like you, then this you've definitely landed in the right place as today we're going to talk about the best rugged armor cases for the HTC 10. 

In what follows, we'll highlight the best HTC 10 rugged and armor cases that you can purchase in the US. We've strived to include some diversity so that you guys can find a case that's closer to your personal taste.

As always, drops us some suggestions in the comment section below and we'll make sure to update our roundup of the best rugged/armor cases for the HTC 10.

Zizo Bolt


  • Great protection against drops
  • Built-in tempered glass screen protector
  • Variety of modern designs


  • Thick, heavy (even for a rugged case)

We’ll start this one in full force with a rugged case series for the HTC 10 that goes all-in on both protection and aesthetics. The Zizo Bolt series for the HTC 10 is military grade 810-G drop test certified and comes with multiple build layers for the perfect balance between impact protection and shock absorption.

This case also comes with a free tempered glass screen protector, a kickstand, and an optional belt clip.

The Zizo Bolt case is available in a variety of flashy modern designs, which is a good thing given that the overall package is on the bulky side even for a rugged case.

Spigen Rugged Armor


  • Thin and light
  • Cool design


  • Limited protection

While most rugged cases are made out of a combination of materials, Spigen’s Rugged Armor Case for the HTC 10 adopts single-layer TPU build. 

The back of the case comes with a carbon fiber texture for better grip while the glossy accents are mostly there for bonus style points. The buttons on the side are also made out of TPU. 

As far as protection is concerned, the Spigen Rugged Armor case protects the HTC 10 by including the case maker’s trademarked Air Cushion technology. Furthermore, the case also features a 1.2mm lip that ensures that the screen can safely be placed on flat surfaces. On the back, there’s a 1.5mm lip for protecting the lens of the primary camera. 

Spigen Neo Hybrid 


  • Military-grade protection
  • Metalized PC buttons


  • Adds quite a bit of bulk

If you’re looking for advanced protection for your phone, Spigen also offers a beefed up rugged case for the HTC 10 called the Neo Hybrid Case.

This one comes with a soft polyurethane inner layer that’s tasked with absorbing shocks and a rigid PC outer frame that helps protect the phone against bumps and also adds grip and style to the equation.

Like the Armor Case, the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the HTC 10 features a 1.2mm raised lip to protect the phone when placed or dropped screen-first on flat surfaces. The case also features metalized PC buttons. 

This case’s hard PC frame is available in three colors: Satin Silver, Gunmetal (Gray), and Champagne Gold. 

Incipio Dual Pro 


  • Rugged dual-layer build


  • Bland design

Moving on to another popular smartphone case maker, the Incipio Dual Pro Hard Shell Case puts rugged protection first and looks second. This is another two-layered case: a hard polycarbonate frame provides impact protection while the soft TPU inner core absorbs shock. 

This rugged case for the HTC 10 comes in four color variants: Black, Cyan/Charcoal, Iridescent Red/Black, and Pink/Charcoal.

i-Blason Prime 


  • Extreme protection
  • Belt holster
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Heavy and bulky

Moving on to another rugged HTC 10 case that offers both ultimate protection and a built-in kickstand, it’s time to talk about the i-Blason Prime.
In terms of build, the i-Blason Prime consists out of a shock-absorbing inner sleeve as well as a hard outer shell for enhanced protection. For even better protection, the corners of the case are thicker so as to protect the phone in case of drops. 

On the back, you’ll find a kickstand that’s perfect for watching movies as well as an optional belt clip.

Seidio Surface

If you’re often using your HTC 10 for watching movies or any sort of video content, then you might be interested in a rugged case that also doubles as a kickstand. If so, check out the Seido HTC 10 case. 

The build is a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate and offers a high degree of protection overall. The cover buttons are made out of a flexible plastic that ensures smooth operation. 

On the back, you’ll find a kickstand that can be plied using the built-in magnets when not in use. The outer layer is available in three colors: red, black, or gold.

Body Glove


  • Fake wood and metal finishes
  • Angular design


  • Exposed buttons can be hard to press

Moving on to a case with a more angular look, the Body Glove HTC 10 case features a unique octagonal design that some may love (although some certainly won’t). The Body Glove is thinner than most cases on the list, but still offers a durable outer layer that protects the phone.

Interestingly, the back is offered in fake aluminum and wood options, which further add to the unique look of the case.

Tech21 Evo Check case for HTC 10


  • Thin
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • One Color Option

The Evo Check is one of the most expensive rugged armor HTC 10 cases that we’ve included in this list, but may be well worth its salt if you’re looking for extreme drop protection without adding too much bulk or ruining the beautiful design of the HTC 10. 

According to the manufacturer, the Evo Check rugged HTC 10 case will withstand drops from 6.6 feet. Furthermore, the translucent mesh on the back allows the beautiful design of the HTC 10 to shine on. 

It is a bold claim indeed, but the Evo Check may be well fit for it. This tough HTC 10 case is designed to endure drops from 6.6 feet (2 meters) without being overly bulky or unattractive. In fact, its translucent mesh design looks quite nice. On the downside, the Evo Check is relatively expensive.
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