Best new iPhone and iPad games for January 2020

Best new iPhone and iPad games for January 2020
The first month of 2020 is already over and it’s time to see what new games graced Apple’s App Store in January. With a release window of just one month, the pickings are slim, but still, we selected a few games that are worth checking out.

Top new free games for January 2020

In case you’re not familiar with free mobile games, here’s a quick heads up: they’re either relying on a special in-game currency you purchase with real money, or they’re riddled with ads. There’s no way around it. They do, however, offer real gameplay without spending any money, but you should arm yourself with patience. That being said, let’s take a look at this January’s lineup.

Epic Race 3D

Epic Race 3D is a simple game you can play using just one finger. The gameplay consists of different races, each of which consists of an obstacle course you have to complete before your opponents (other real players). You tell your character when to move in order to avoid being squished, pushed away or just fall off the course.

The first few courses might seem like a breeze but later you'll find yourself tumbling off the track more often than not. And that's what the game is ultimately about.

Racing against other players adds a nice element to it and at times leads to some funny situations.

Word Relax!

Word Relax is a combination of Scrabble and a regular crossword puzzle. At each level, you have a set of letters you can use to fill in the missing words. As you progress, the words you have to find increase in number and complexity. The interface is intuitive and allows you to play using only one hand so it’s a great way to make your brain work while on public transit or just idling away somewhere. 

Idle Army Base

Idle Army Base is a simple military base simulator. You get to hire new recruits and put them through their paces before they become real soldiers. Of course, that includes setting up different training areas and scenarios which in terms need to be upgraded so that the flow of new privates doesn’t get bogged up. There’s a lot to manage in this game so you won’t spend much time waiting around doing nothing. If you like military-themed games, this one is definitely worth a try.

Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin is a very straightforward game like many others from its type. You have some colorful balls and some gray ones and you have to get them safely into a cup by pulling pins in various succession. Of course, the first levels are super easy but as you go along you’ll start thinking more and more about what to do. To make things more difficult there are bombs that can annihilate your balls if you pull the wrong pin.

Top new paid games for January 2020

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Sure, the games below will set you back a few bucks, but you won’t waste any time waiting for ads or any timers that put a hold on your gameplay.

Pascal's Wager

Pascal’s Wager is an action RPG that resembles the famous Dark Souls series in terms of styling. The graphics are shockingly good for a mobile game and if you have a Max-sized iPhone your immersion in the world will be guaranteed. The game offers more than 20 hours of story-driven gameplay, which is plenty of entertainment for a price lower than a movie ticket.

Plus, you can play the game with each of the four different characters, which gives extra room for replayability.

While being released in January the game is still quite new, the developers promise that extra content will be available as time goes by.

Maze Machina

Price: $1.99

Maze Machina is a puzzle-style game but it’s quite different from most other games of this genre. While designers usually bet on bright colors and flashy animations, the creators of Maze Machina went for a steampunk-themed design that’s a breath of fresh air.

The levels get challenging quickly so don’t expect to breeze through the first 20 or so like in other games. It’s a game that just feels cozy to play, you definitely won’t regret spending $2 on it.

Ultimate Lion Simulator 2

Price: $0.99

The game you never knew you wanted in your life! As the name makes it clear, in Ultimate Lion Simulator 2 you’re taking the role of a lion in the savannah. As you might imagine, your main tasks will include killing other wild animals and eating them. As with any self-respecting RPG, in Lion Simulator you get to level up your character, distribute points between skills and complete missions.

The game is far from flawless but that doesn’t mean it won’t entertain you and at barely a $1, it might be worth if just for the chuckles you’ll inevitably get out of the gameplay.

Papa's Bakeria To Go!

Price: $1.99

Food-making games are a very popular archetype, especially on smartphones. Whether it’s making burgers or hot dogs or ice creams, some people just love playing these types of games. And Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is perfect for that crowd.

This time, you’re baking pies and lots of them. The number of combinations is almost endless with all the different crusts, fillings and toppings available. Each customer will want something very specific, of course, and it’s your job to fulfill the order perfectly.

The game offers plenty of features for you to unlock, keeping the progress meaningful and entertaining. What are you waiting for? Start baking!


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