Best new Android and iPhone games (October 2017)

October is not just the month that brought us pre-orders of the Apple iPhone X and wider availability of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it also brought a ton of great new games for iPhones and Android devices.

Rather than walk you through all the new games released for mobile, we have just picked the best out there and this month we have 15 selected games. We don't care whether a game is an RPG, shooter, racer or a puzzle - we look for great quality and a fun, engaging gameplay. That's why in the list below you will find games of all genre and kin, but if your favorite game is not included, do feel free to let us know which one was it in the comments section.

With no further ado, here are the best new Android and iPhone games from October 2017...


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1. sgodsell

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You know what's funny Victor H. is App Annie has now stated that for every one app that is going on Apple's App store, 3 apps arrive on Google's play store. Latest states showed that 50,000 apps were added to Apple's app store and in the same time frame 150,000 were added on Google's play store. Yet out of the total of 13 games you listed here. You managed to find 4 exclusive iPhone games and the rest are both Android and iOS. Don't you find that strange Victor? Unless this is a paid article. But in all reality there is game phones like the new Razer, or game tablets like the shield's. Not to mention lots of VR games are arriving on a weekly basis. Plus with more AR content arriving. This crap about trying to show that there is more content for iOS is just Bull crap. Come Victor when are you going to show VR or even AR games?

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