Best battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge


Regardless of what you think about the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, there's one aspect that can be hardly argued with - if you're a heavier user, then you'll certainly have to charge the device at a certain point during the day. Both phones are exquisitely-designed powerhouses that will hardly disappoint even the usual Samsung-naysayers, but all of this comes at a certain price - a moderate battery life.

Just as you might imagine, case makers have come up with a solution for this unfortunate shortcoming, as there exists a fairly modest array of battery-enabled cases for both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge that will keep the lights on for longer. Of course, they certainly add a considerable bulk to the otherwise sleek Samsung flagships, but that's a price some might be quite willing to pay.

Here are some of the better ones available on the market.

Mophie juice pack

Price: $99.95
Available for: Galaxy S6 | Galaxy S6 edge

Mophie offers battery cases for both the regular Galaxy S6 and for its edgy counterpart. These come with 3,300mAh battery units embedded at the back. Apart from providing additional power, the Mophie juice pack will also protect your Samsung flagship from drops and elemental damage to some extent. Currently, Mophie's battery cases are available on pre-order and come in black, white, and gold.

iBlason UnityPower

Price: $49.99
Available for: Galaxy S6

This battery case is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (sorry, S6 edge!). It flaunts a 4,000mAh  Li-poly battery unit, which should technically provide more than double the battery life. The accessory comes with an on/off switch but no LED indicator. The case itself comprises dual layer protection and an anti-slip finish for the exterior that should prevent accidental slips. The UnityPower is only available in a single color combination (black/gray).

PowerBear Battery Case

Price: $29.95
Available for: Galaxy S6 | Galaxy S6 edge

This case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge comes with a 4,200mAh battery at the back, which should be more than enough to last even heavier users throughout the day. The accessory allows you to simultaneously charge the phone and the built-in case battery thanks to a dual charging port at the bottom. We also have an on/off switch that allows you to easily unleash the electric tsunami onto the Galaxy S6's built-in battery.

ZeroLemon Battery Case

Price: $22.88 - $22.99
Available for: Galaxy S6

What does ZeroLemon has to offer for those Galaxy S6/S6 edge users that are craving for more power? For starters, it comes with a 2,800mAh embedded battery that might not be the biggest around, but should definitely provide a few additional hours of usage. 

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