Best Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protectors you can buy now

Best Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protectors you can buy now
The time left between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and your hand reaching for it is ticking away as we speak. The excitement is understandable - it is the single hottest Android smartphone right now, offering a blend of premium design and unmatched hardware power. It also has a display to fall in love with - a crisp 5.1-inch 1440p resolution panel covered in Gorilla Glass 4. Corning's durable glass layer is actually a compelling reason to go screen protector-free for your Galaxy S6. 

But just so you know, slapping one on its screen is a very good choice nevertheless. It will preserve the display into a factory-like condition, preventing oil, moisture, and daily use from giving it a worn-in, aged, smeary look. It will also help you get a good price when you sell the smartphone later down the road. If you're ready to order a screen protector for the Galaxy S6, take a look at these products. Amazon is already full of them, and even better models will be coming down the road!

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