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Best RPG games for iOS and Android to play in 2018

Best RPG games for iOS and Android (2018)
Boys and girls, it's time to pick up that shiny new armor from the blacksmith, grab your favorite weapon, stock up on some health & mana potions, and prepare your mind and body for the adventure that lies ahead. Those dark dungeons crawling with evil spawn ain't gonna clear themselves, you know. It is your duty and destiny to lead a party into the dark reaches of these lands and cleanse them, thus restoring peace to your realm. 

Yeah, you guessed it - we spent the last few days playing mobile RPG games. More specifically, we tried a bunch of these titles to filter out the ones that are truly worthy of your attention in 2018. 

Granted, this specific genre is crawling with hundreds of excellent titles and the majority of them are deserving of being present in our collection. Square Enix's catalog alone features at least 15-20 games capable of captivating most RPG fans. Still, to keep things compact and diverse, we decided to limit the number of our picks and find games that don't quite feel the same. Here are our recommendations, placed in no particular order:

Darkness Rises

Price: Free (with IAP); Download for Android | iOS

We're kicking things off with the top action RPG of 2018. Darkness Rises has it all - lovely graphics, multiple game modes, deep character customization, tons of loot, co-op multiplayer, and even a PvP arena mode. 

There are four different classes to choose from, and the combat system deserves a special mention - you have regular attacks, a dodge move, combos, specials, and a finisher move. Doing a finisher is quite rewarding, as your character performs a special slo-mo animation that differs from enemy to enemy, and sometimes you can even grab weapons from your enemies to further brutalize them. There's a grind element with some modes of this game, but the developers have also included an auto-play mode for the times you'd prefer to save your fingers from button mashing.

Final Fantasy IX

Price: $20.99; Download for Android | iOS

Every game in the Final Fantasy franchise has its fans, but if we have to name the one that we like the most, it would have to be number IX. The original title was released on the PlayStation 1 in the year 2000, and we're happy to say that the mobile port is incredibly well done. 

In stark contrast to VII and VIII, the ninth iteration of Final Fantasy allows fans to re-experience the style, gameplay, and atmosphere of the older 8- and 16-bit Final Fantasy games. The title features an interesting and engaging world, a great storyline, epic dungeons, and tons of side content that will keep you entertained for a while.


Price: $6.99; Download for Android | iOS

Crashlands is a wonderful mix between an action RPG and a crafting game. In this game, you play as a space courier whose delivery ship is destroyed by an alien that's after one of the ship's parts. Your escape pod does a crash landing on an alien planet and from there on you have to repair your ship and call for help to get out of there. 

This is where the crafting part comes in. Even if you don't like crafting titles such as Minecraft or Terraria, we strongly encourage you to give Crashlands a try, because it eliminates most of the annoying things that are typical for this genre. For example, the weapons and tools you make don't break and your character always automatically switches to the required tool. Your inventory is infinite and sorts itself out. The build/craft mode is extremely easy to use and the UI is intuitive. When you wander off too far from your escape pod, you can always teleport back to base when out of combat.

Between resource gathering, you get to kill strange aliens and do quests. There are many different creatures that offer different challenges, and you can even tame some of them and make them your companions. The storyline is amusing and you have a chatlog in case you miss anything from the dialogue. Overall, this is one incredibly polished title that's a joy to play, and we would definitely recommend it to any mobile gamer.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Price: Free (with IAP, ads); Download for Android | iOS

Are you a fan of the Pokémon games? Do you also happen to love Rick and Morty? If so, Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys was specially made for you. This goofy RPG is an infusion of the edgy meta humor of Adult Swim's iconic series with some classic turn-based combat and monster-collecting gameplay. Journey through the multiverse while you collect and train more than 70 bizarre variations of Morty for epic battles. The single player campaign is quite deep, but if that gets old, you can always battle it out in online duels.

The Last Vikings

Price: Free; Download for Android | iOS

Fun fact: vikings never had horned helmets, despite the way they're often portrayed in movies, in semi-accurate historical drawings, and in this game. But nevertheless, The Last Vikings takes you on an enjoyable quest to restore the vikings' former glory. You'll be raiding and looting villages, you'll be obtaining powerful weapons and building strong ships, you'll be fighting mythical creatures of immense powers. With over 50 viking heroes to unlock, this game will keep you coming back for more.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Price: Free; Download for Android | iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes is a turn-based RPG in which players summon famous heroes in the Fire Emblem universe to help them fight their enemies. It shares similarities with previous console titles from the series, but it's scaled down to better suit an on-the-go playstyle. It's a freemium title, meaning that you can play Heroes without paying a dime, but spending real money will let you get back into battle more quickly.

Warhammer Quest 2

Price: $4.99; Download for Android | iOS

Warhammer Quest 2 is a tactical RPG based on the classic tabletop game. Lead your group of brave adventurers through the perilous dungeons of the Warhammer World in the search for wealth and glory!

Level up your party of heroes. Loot weapons, armor and mysterious artifacts from fallen enemies. Crush Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more ferocious enemies.

Star Wars: KOTOR

Price: $9.99; Download for Android | iOS

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) is living proof that mixing classic RPG mechanics with the Star Wars franchise can yield excellent results. KOTOR is an RPG delivered in classic BioWare style - you get immersed in a universe where every action you take can affect the outcome of your story. 

The events in this title take place 4,000 years before the emergence of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Knights are losing the battle against the Sith, and you are the last hope of restoring the balance of the Force. Will you become a great Jedi Knight and save the Republic or will you get tempted by the dark side? The choice is yours.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Price: Free; Download for Android | iOS

The Knights of Pen and Paper franchise is rather interesting because it puts the user in the role of players who are playing a tabletop RPG. Both the party and the game master are in your control, and you have to use their abilities to face the challenges ahead. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is the only freemium member of the series. We do recommend it, but keep in mind that it can get grindy, so if you want to skip on that, just try the Knights of Pen & Paper +1 edition.
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