Best Galaxy S7 edge film and glass screen protectors

Best Galaxy S7 edge film and glass screen protectors
The Galaxy S7 edge has a unique 5.5" dual-edge curved display that slopes to the sides, and you can bet your plucked eyebrow that it is going to be very expensive to replace it, if you accidentally hurl the phone face-down towards Mother Earth. In fact, if those Galaxy S7 teardowns are any indication, it will be pretty tricky to open both the S7 and the S7 edge, and still keep the watertight certification, meaning authorized repair shops, meaning big bucks if you crack or break the display.

Fret not, however, as barely has the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge order mania begun, and there are already a few reputable accessory makers that offer screen protectors for your precious, unlike last year when the S6 edge took everybody by surprise, and it took a while to get a decent film protector for the device, let alone a tempered glass one. Well, the situation with glass protectors is no different for the S7 edge right now, as it is pretty hard to nail the curve, glue it right, and still have no touch sensitivity issues from the sides, so there are only a few glass ones on the market at the moment, which are yet to prove themselves fully.

That's why we'd recommend to go with a simple film one until more info trickles down on the harder protection, but still, take a peek at what's on offer in terms of glass or plastic screen covers currently available for the S7 edge, as you might want to grab one now, and start protecting your precious investment right from day one. These below are not the official manufacturer prices, as you can usually find those protectors for much less on places like Amazon and the like.

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