Best Buy's Cellebrite system displays Verizon's Google Nexus Prime

Best Buy's Cellebrite system displays Verizon's Google Nexus Prime
The Google Nexus Prime has pretty much been confirmed as a Verizon branded device with the carrier's Cellebrite system showing the model. The phone (as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus) also appears on Verizon's Device Manager and the mobile operator's recent MAP price list revealed a possible launch date and price for the handset. Now, a screenshot shows that the eagerly awaited smartphone (SCH-i515) has appeared on the Cellebrite system for Best Buy.

Sources for Droid-Life say that "Nexus Prime" is just a code name and that the retail name of the phone will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the name that appears on Verizon's Device Manager.. But there is still the question of whether or not Verizon will have an exclusive period to offer the first Ice Cream Sandwich powered smartphone. There is even some speculation that Best Buy could end up with an exclusive on the phone, similar to how it offers the Google Nexus S for T-Mobile. To back up this claim, some have noticed how the Verizon name seems to be absent from the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Nexus Prime announcement now set for October 18th in Hong Kong.

Don't worry as we are just days away from getting all the answers we crave. With the Google-Samsung event now set for October 18th at 10pm on the U.S. east coast, by the time the clock chimes in the next day, we should have all the answers about this eagerly awaited device.

source: DroidLife

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