Best Buy reduces store hours, limits access to just 15 customers at a time

Best Buy reduces store hours, limits access to just 15 customers at a time
In an attempt to keep both employees and customers safe, Best Buy announced that it has decided to adjust store hours starting March 18. More restrictive measures will be taken starting March 23 when the retailer will limit access to its stores to a small number of customers at a time.

First off, all Best Buy store hours will be reduced to 10 am to 6 pm local time. The retailer will continue to operate without limiting access to its stores and keeping all its stuff busy in-stores until March 22.

However, come March 23, while hours will remain 10 am to 6 pm local time, Best Buy will serve its customers through limited access to stores and curbside pickup. The aim here is to reduce the number of customers inside the store to 10-15 at a time.

Moreover, there will only be a few employees in the store and customers will have to follow certain procedures once they enter the store. For example, customers will be escorted by a Best Buy employee, maintaining the recommended social distancing separation of 6 feet. Also, the retailer won't allow clusters of 10 or more people in its store locations.

Online shopping will not be affected by these changes, so customers can still order from Best and have their products shipped directly to their locations. One other thing worth mentioning is that all in-home consultation will move to virtual space starting March 18.

Since there will be fewer employees working at Best Buy during all this time, the retailer announced that those who won't come at work will receive two weeks' pay. Finally, Best Buy employees missing work will not be penalized.


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